House of Blues brings the G-Punk and the funk

by Courtney Brown

After rolling through 31 cities throughout the country, the “Journeys Noise” Tour ended things righteously. On Nov. 25, New Beat Fund, Wallpaper, The Summer Set and 3OH!3 did their thing at San Diego’s House of Blues. Being one of their last shows, the bands left everything they had on stage, which made for a stellar concert.

The first performers of the night were the original G-punks themselves, New Beat Fund. The Los Angeles natives know how to get down.

New Beat Fund set an upbeat, energetic tone for the night as it jammed to songs such as “Peaches” and “Scare Me.”

Wallpaper was another standout of the night. Fronted by funk master Ricky Reed and pink-haired diva Novena Carmel, the group killed it to say the least. The two percussionists give Wallpaper its recognizable, in-your-face beat.

There’s something to say about a band with such precise choreography that appears effortless. Wallpaper makes music that would be bumping at any party, and seeing it live makes audiences feel as if they are at the rager of their lives.

The first two bands set the bar high with their pumped up vibes and created a rowdy, anxious audience. The energy only became more electric throughout the night, especially when The Summer Set hit the stage.

The well-known crowd-pleasers had everyone from the front row to the balcony singing their hearts out. The guys even did a rendition of “I Want It That Way” by the Backstreet Boys, which was probably one of the best things that’s ever happened on that stage. After much anticipation, 3OH!3 brought it home. The guys that reminded us to “never trust a hoe” are responsible for timeless party anthems that were the theme songs of 2007-09. However, this band currently has a huge following.

Some fans in the crowd have been trailing the entire tour; some even came all the way from Colorado, where the band originated. Nonetheless, its swagger, vulgarity and musical talent make 3OH!3 one of the most entertaining groups to watch live.

A major highlight of the night was the epic encore performance when all the bands piled on stage and busted out a song they all collaborated on during the tour. In my opinion, it will go down in history as one of the most awesome collaborative jam sessions the San Diego House of Blues has ever seen.

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