New Beat Fund catapults on the scene

by Courtney Brown

It started when four guys “catapulted” a piggy bank jar with the words “New Beat Fund” written on it through a corporate building window. On that historic day, New Beat Fund was born. Self-described as “G-Punk, beach funk, ghost rock,” the band experiments with a variety of electronic and classic punk rock elements.

“One fan tweeted that we sounded like Jimmy Cliff meets The Ramones meets Beck … so there’s that too,” guitarist Shelby “Button” Archer said.

NBF is a band on the rise with some solid experience under its belt. With names such as Burnie “the Hit-Maker” Baker, Snapz Lalib, Michael “Silky” Johnson and Button, you know these guys do things their own way. The group has opened for bands such as Blink-182 and played at various big-name festivals, including San Diego IndieFest and Vans Warped Tour. The quirky Los Angeles band members credit a large deal of their rapidly growing fan base to social media.

“Social media is the ultimate way to connect with fans, especially after a show when people post Instagrams or tweet us; it gives us a sense of how well we connected with the audience,” Archer said.

“I still think that live shows are the most important way to connect with people,” funky bassist Lalib said.

This attitude completely reflects on stage as well. The band’s presence, ability and comedic commentary make it instantly loveable.

As goofy as the band’s members are, anyone that’s talked with them could vouch for how invested they are in their craft.

“My advice to aspiring musicians is to be 100 percent true to yourself,” Baker said.

Honesty is key with the guys of NBF and it shows. Their idiosyncrasy of embracing weirdness comes through the band’s lyrics and can be seen on stage.

“We’re kind of in a state of depression, because the (Journeys Noise) tour’s almost over and it’s been one of the most amazing experiences of our lives,” Archer said.

Fortunately, NBF gets to stick around. Its next gig is at Chain Reaction in Orange County with Never Shout Never on Dec. 21 and 22. Check out this band online, follow it on Instagram and Twitter and most importantly see it live because it’s an experience you won’t regret.

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