STA Travel leaves San Diego State

STA Travel leaves San Diego State

by Camille Lozano

STA Travel, the Student Travel Agency Company currently located in College Square, is closing its doors for the last time on Dec.13.

According to STA Travel President and Chief Operating Officer Kari Albert, five of the company’s seven U.S. store locations will be closing on Friday, with the two remaining stores located in Manhattan, New York.

“Our customers are at the core of everything we do,” Albert said. “The decision to close these locations reflects a shift in customer demand and how customers chose to interact with STA Travel. It’s no surprise that students and young adults prefer to transact online and via our national contact center. This decision allows us to serve customers 24/7 and focus on further developing our brand online.”

STA Travel was slated to move into the newly constructed Aztec Student Union this coming semester. Associated Students Vice President of External Relations Javier Gomez said the space that would have been occupied by STA Travel is located next to the University Information Center in the new Aztec Student Union.

“Currently we are working with the university and students to find a tenant … and with our student leaders to determine the best use of this space,” Gomez said. “This is something that requires thoughtful consideration and planning. We will start this process after we move into the union.”

STA Travel had joined the SDSU Education Abroad office in promoting travel opportunities during study abroad fairs in previous years. International Student Center Acting Director Noah Hansen said the program would be missed.

“They have been a great partner over the years and we are sorry to see them go as a promoter of education abroad,” Hansen said.

He said the Education Abroad office will continue to support students in their international studying endeavors.

“Studying abroad is becoming a requirement with more and more majors,” Hansen said, “we are continually providing resources and services for students to promote education abroad.”

Aztec Shops, Ltd, the landlord, leaser and manager for businesses located in College Square, has begun to look for tenants to fill the soon-to-be-vacated space on College Avenue.

Aztec Shops Contracts Administrator and Business Analyst Debbie Burchianti shared the types of businesses they are actively looking into.

“We have not one hundred percent secured a tenant, but we are not looking for any more food tenants, as there are already plenty of options within College Square,” Burchianti said.

Burchianti said STA Travel had been located within College Square for more than two years after moving from the previous student union building, where it was until May 2011 when the union closed for demolition.