Kick off the new year with the band, Augustines

by Courtney Brown

Augustines is not just any indie-rock group on the rise. The soulful, raw and entrancing band is a captivating rarity among music lovers. The now Seattle-based band recently released its new, self-titled album, “Augustines,” along with a rigorous tour schedule. Augustines are scheduled to jam at San Diego’s Soda Bar, located on El Cajon Boulevard, Thursday, Feb. 13. For those 21 and older, the show will be a special way to kick off Valentines Day weekend and is conveniently nearby. The trio creates passionate music, which to them is viewed as art, and resonates on a personal level with listeners. With a sound similar to bands such as Frightened Rabbit or Imagine Dragons, Augustines successfully takes inspiration from low or emotional places and produce something that you’d blast on your car radio with all the windows down. The current album transcends the band’s darker beginnings and showcases its growth since its 2011 breakthrough debut, “Rise Ye Sunken Ships.” This band has been places and they are certainly not stopping. If supporting more live music is one of your New Year’s resolutions, than snag some passes to the Augustines show and actually follow through this year.

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