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SDSU Superlatives

Here at The Aztec, we like to give credit where credit is due. While all our on-campus clubs and organizations are wonderful in their own way, we picked a few to show off. Here are this year’s winners of the San Diego State Superlatives.

by Kelly Gardner and Madison Hopkins

Most Athletic

Future Athletic Training Society

They may not be playing sports themselves, but this crew knows what it takes to keep an athlete’s body at its A-game. The Future Athletic Training Society is comprised of exercise and nutritional science undergraduates, pairing San Diego State students with a variety of athletic training internships throughout San Diego. This club is so successful at creating top-notch future trainers, it has more than a 90 percent success rate among members who take the certification exam by their senior year. Always remember to stay safe while on the court, but when an accident does happen, FATS members are the people to call.

Best Moves

Stateside Breaks

These students know how to break it down on campus. Not only do the Stateside Breaks have the best moves, but they know how to use them for a good cause. After the devastating typhoon in the Philippines, this club showed off its skills on campus to raise funds. Its members are also reigning champs of the West Coast college competition Schools for Fools, so be sure to check them out at this year’s event in March. These b-boy’s favorite beats to get down to are from the LA-based band The Breakestra. Look out for them the next time you’re walking down Campanile Walkway.

Most Likely to Cook You Dinner

SDSU Foodies

The SDSU Foodies are Aztecs that love to grub. Every month, this group of about 20 members gets together to visit a new restaurant in the in the San Diego area. Through its cuisine connections, the club is able to set up a pre-fixed menu with the chef. At the end of the meal, the chef and general manager will usually come over to give insight into the business function, and give tips for restauranteurs. This club isn’t just about delightful dining; it also aims to connect aspiring professionals with opportunities in the food and beverage industry.

Most Giving

Circle K

Circle K’s roots go back to before most of us were born. Members have already put in more community service hours this year than most of us have spent studying. With 2,080 hours already logged, this club takes the cake for the most giving organization on campus. Apart from their weekly meetings, members volunteer bi-weekly to make a difference in the community. So far this semester, the group has helped clean up Chula Vista and Rice Canyon and volunteered at Challenge Ranch, which supports underprivileged children in San Diego.

Best Beats

South Coast Percussion Ensemble

Can I get a drumroll please? The South Coast Percussion Ensemble can take care of that, but probably with its own unique twist. This musical organization is made up of students from a variety of majors, united by a love for music and innovative collaborations. Rather than the typical old-school recital, this group blends influences from classical and modern music to create original sounds. Although it’s always recruiting new members, these intricate shows take nearly a semester to prepare for, so get in early to throw your own beats into the mix.

Cutest Couple

Salsa Club

Although this club welcomes the solo dancer, once there you’re sure to be swept off your feet by your salsa partner. With weekly classes for both beginner and intermediate dancers, the SDSU Salsa Club looks to bring a little spice into everyone’s lives. Learn to twirl, dip and move your feat to the rhythm. Membership is open to students, faculty and members of the community, who generally go out dancing apart from each meeting. You may not find your soul mate in your dance partner, but you’re sure look good together on the dance floor.

Most Likely to Join Cirque du Soleil

SDSU Slackers

What began as a few friends getting together to practice a unique sport has now grown to a newfound campus organization of 60 members. SDSU Slackers can be seen three times a week in front of Hepner Hall practicing a form of tight-rope walking that leaves most observers tense for a potential misstep. Although it may all look similar to non-participants, there are a range of different rope widths and heights that Slackers use to continuously work on their meditiation and balance skills. While they may be balancing between palm trees on campus now, they could easily be the main event in a Las Vegas show tomorrow. Check out the SDSU Slackers today.

Most Adorable

Crochet for a Cause

These “hookers” truly do have a heart of gold. Members of Crochet for a Cause knit and hook items to sell, donating the profits to various charities. As if their cause wasn’t cute enough, the crocheted knickknacks are ridiculously “awe-inducing” as well. Whether you’re already a skilled crafter or eager to learn, this club is always looking for new members to join the cause. Newest items will go on sale in March, including a “bearded leprechaun hat” and other clover-themed items. All proceeds will go to  City of Angels, a Tijuana orphanage.

 Most Likely to Stunt Double in “The Fast and the Furious”

Aztec Racing Formula Society of Automotive Engineers Team

Do you have the need for speed? Aztec Racing Formula SAE Team does and they can show you how to get there. The team designs and builds small open wheel racecars to compete in the Forumla SAE competitions. They join together engineering students and any other interested non-majors to construct a vehicle, which abides strict regulations. At the competition, these racecars are tested on endurance, autocross, skid pad, acceleration and fuel economy. They’ll race into their next competition this June, but until then you can check them out every Friday at 3 p.m. in the Cam Center.

 Best Wordsmiths

Aztec Poetry Society

Aztecs, Aztecs, wherefore art thou Aztecs?

Well, if you’re looking for the Aztec Poet Society, you can find them every other Thursday at 7:30 p.m. in the Metztli room of the Conrad Preybs Aztec Student Union. This group has members from a variety of majors who come together to express themselves through poetic and musical expression. Not only do they win the title of “Best Wordsmiths,” but they may be adding to their repertoire when they compete in upcoming local and collegiate competitions.

Class Clown

Iota Eta Pi Improv team

Knock knock.

Who’s there?


Woo, Who?

Don’t, get so excited! It’s just joke.

Okay, we know we aren’t funny, but something you can get excited about is SDSU’s Iota Eta Pi Improv team. This comedic group puts everything on the line during each performance as members make up routines on the spot. Taking suggestions from the audience and each other, they must learn to think on their feet. With the audience having just as much fun as the members, each event is always a hilariously good time. Performances are held regularly throughout the semester, so keep a look out to join in on the fun.

Most Likely to Make Fat Amy Proud

Vocal Vixens

College students may be known for their excessive partying, but these “aca-holics” have a different kind of kind of addiction. This vocally-gifted group shares their love for music by transforming modern and old-school hits into beautiful a cappella songs. These ladies embrace the less-is-more ideology, by ditching the instruments and creating melodic sounds with nothing but their voices.  Check out the Vocal Vixens at their concerts on campus and throughout the community. Specifically be sure to listen to their rendition of the Imagine Dragons hit “Demons,” as it is sure to impress.

Most likely to Break Bad

Association of Pre-Pharmacy Students

These students will most likely be the ones concocting your medication in the near future.  We aren’t insinuating that these students are in anyway making anything less than legal, but if you ever wanted to know how–you know who to ask. The true focus of the Association of Pre-Pharmacy Students is to provide knowledge and opportunities to students interested in pursuing a career in the pharmaceutical industry. However, membership is not limited to any specific major, so anyone interested in the art of medicine and prescription is welcome to check out what they can learn.

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