Diverse clubs make Aztecs feel at home

Diverse clubs make Aztecs feel at home

by Marissa Ochoa

Joining a club is the key way to find a place in a large university. They provide camaraderie and opportunity for all students willing to put themselves out there. Clubs have helped numerous students not only find their niche, but also excel academically and socially. Are you looking for cultural familiarity? There’s a club for that. Are you into broadcasting? There’s a club for that as well. There are countless ways to get involved and clubs are the number one way to do so. Cultural diversity is a major factor at San Diego State, and the school prides itself on providing close-knit bonds between those who choose to participate.

International Student Association

SDSU isn’t home only to the California native college student. The university opens its campus to international students as well. Coming to a new school, let alone a new continent, can be overwhelming. That’s why the International Student Association is the perfect way for international students to find comfort among students with similar experiences. ISA provides SDSU with cultural awareness and gives all members the ability to network with each other on an international level.

Don’t be fooled by the name–ISA provides many unique social events to offer. International Coffee Hour is a weekly event where members and faculty celebrate a different culture.

Did you miss your senior prom? ISA hosts its very own Spring Prom, providing a fun and exciting event that all members can look forward to. ISA not only allows international students to feel at home, but it promotes friendships of all cultures to cultivate and thrive at SDSU. At the end of the day, ISA is all about bringing cultures together and celebrating their uniqueness.

Black Student Science Organization

Many clubs on campus strive for academic excellence, but the Black Student Science Organization focuses on community involvement. The club prides itself on positively involving San Diego communities in members’ lives. BSSO offers not just any student the opportunity to give back to our local communities. Members offer tutoring at the Bayview Baptist Church every Saturday and also participate in the annual AIDS and Breast Cancer walk.

One notable asset is BSSO’s hands-on STEM science fair that members look forward to every year. But BSSO isn’t just day-in, day-out work. The club doesn’t forget to have fun too. Potlucks are hosted monthly, allowing members to truly bond with one another.

Academics are taken very seriously in this organization and provide members extra help whenever needed. Members never have to worry about falling behind thanks to the club’s availability for any kind of assistance. BSSO gives students the opportunity to further their college experience while also engaging with the San Diego community through a variety of events. This organization will help any student gain the college experience needed for personal and academic growth.

Queer Student Union

The Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender community has received much support throught the past several years at SDSU and it’s only getting better. Along with other LGBT clubs, the Queer Student Union has created an organization where individuals can feel safe and accepted by their peers. Formerly known as the LGBT Student Union, the club celebrates and brings awareness to its cause through events, activities and member involvement. The organization wants anyone of any sexual orientation to feel judgment-free and to learn about the diverse cultures within the group as well as across the nation. The Queer Student Union also gives students the voice to support its purpose and welcomes anyone willing to cultivate a new generation of hate-free societies. The Queer Student Union thrives at SDSU and opens doors for anyone willing to push for a change in not only the San Diego society, but all societies across the nation.


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