Melissa’s Magic Carpet

by Melissa Artobello

My name is Melissa Artobello and welcome to my travel blog. Let me introduce myself. You may have read my work as a Features writer, but now, I’m excited to become a part of The Daily Aztec’s blogging team, as well.

I’m of mixed races, Italian and Chinese. Pretty strange, I know. My dad’s side of the family all live within California, but my mom’s side branches out all across the globe. Throughout my life, I’ve traveled a lot to visit my extended family. This kindled my passion for traveling and I hope to have future opportunities to explore the world. I have had the privilege of traveling to 3 continents and 12 countries since I was born. I practically grew up on airplanes. I’ve seen and experienced a lot of different places and cultures and I’m excited to share my experiences with you. So hop onto my magic carpet and let me show you the world.