If Daryl dies, we riot

by Courtney Brown

The following contains spoilers

Following of one of its most intense and dramatic finales, AMC’s “The Walking Dead” returns with a tragic plot of new beginnings.

After “The Governor’s” ill-fated attempt to brutally take over the prison, leaving many characters dead, the group is totally split up. This change of mood in the series was drastic compared to the peaceful reality the group had been living in, yet bound to happen sooner or later. The last reminiscence of dialogue in the mid-season finale was against a backdrop of burning, zombie-infested wasteland as a beaten and battered Rick tells his frustrated son, “Don’t look back, Carl. Just keep on walking.” This phrase seems to be the driving force of motivation for all of the survivors in the continuation of season 4.

While it moves slowly, the show is reconnecting with its strongest element, character development. There are several strands of individual stories, and we see deeper sides to certain heroes. Michonne for example, had always been a wandering, enigma; the audience and the other characters didn’t know her story. However, after her unsettling dream sequence and compelling moment with Carl, we learn that she once had a husband and three-year-old son. This insight adds much more of a human and motherly dynamic to Michonne’s character and provides justification to her aggressive actions.

Season 4 also brings back familiar faces as well as new characters. For instance, most viewers were excited and relieved to see Carol’s return, as ironic as it is that she winds up with Tyreese. The same enthusiasm is accompanied by the appearance of Judith and the knowledge that she survived the attack. We are also introduced to Sgt. Abraham Ford and his crew, which includes Dr. Eugene Porter, a scientist that knows exactly how this whole zombie mess started. Sgt. Ford, who believes apparently it’s his mission to get to Washington, D.C. and “save the world,” will definitely add to the heroism as well as some comedic relief that the series is lacking.

In this critic’s opinion, the show is keeping viewers on their toes and building the suspense for a major climax. Hopefully the action picks up in the next few episodes, because everyone’s Sunday night needs a little more blood and guts.

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Photo courtesy of Gene Page/CourtesyAMC/MCT