Eatery spreads love and veganism

by Carly Bertolozzi

While watching the Domino’s Pizza delivery man walk past my windowsill as I ordered my vegan rice dish, I could not help but ask myself if I had just made the right decision. As a meat-lover subject to biases against vegan cuisine, as many college students are, it’s only natural that I have an instinctive cringe when thinking of meatless burgers, soy bacon and tofu with eggplant. My predispositions were laid to rest, however, by San Diego’s ultimate vegan destination, Loving Hut.

Loving Hut is an international chain of vegan restaurants dedicated to promoting the transition to a plant-based diet, and its food makes it almost effortless to do. My surprise was pleasant when I received my veggie fillet covered in a savory tangy orange sauce, and I was saddened when I came to the last few drops of my mango tango smoothie. Even the cheesecake was scrumptious, tasting extremely similar to cheesecake made with animal-based products.

Along with the top-notch food came excellent service, excellent prices and a few inspirational quotes and posters to keep your soul and stomach happy. An average meal for two, including desserts, costs about $20-25—not too shabby.

Loving Hut doesn’t just sell meatless burgers and tofu, either. Its menu contains a wide assortment of appetizing options, including fried rice, wontons and cheesy bread all the way to banana fritters, pandan cake and piña colada smoothies.

Aside from its top-notch food, what makes this restaurant even more appealing is its drive to promote a sustainable diet that positively affects the environment. Raising livestock takes a large amount of resources. Reducing meat intake can reduce the amount of deforestation that occurs, harmful waste that is produced, water used and so forth. With this in mind, Loving Hut strives to provide appealing, low-budget dining options that are environmentally friendly.

Loving Hut is open from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 5-9 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Saturday. Located about 15 minutes away from campus and receiving two thumbs-up from my taste buds and my bank account, Loving Hut is the perfect spot to enjoy a well-prepared vegan meal.