A.S. vice president candidates discuss campus issues

A.S. vice president candidates discuss campus issues

by Adriana Millar

The Associated Students vice president candidates assembled Wednesday afternoon and expressed their stances on current issues as well as their goals in a public forums. Because each candidate is running unopposed, a forum-style meeting was held instead of the traditional candidate debate.

Each of the candidates had one minute to answer questions on topics including how to increase awareness about A.S. and its role on campus,  how to best utilize the Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union, and how to juggle being both a student and a student government representative. About 20 students attended the forum, which was held in the student union’s theater. Students also had the opportunity to tweet in questions and ask questions at the end of the event.

Being unopposed didn’t stop all four candidates from expressing the need to raise awareness to have a better turnout in the future.

“Students lost the democratic right to choose the best candidate,” Vice President of University Affairs candidate Corey Polant said during the event.

Here are the highlights from the forum:


Kevin Hancock: Executive Vice President candidate


  • Stands behind the Student Success Fee consultation process, but will consider referendum voting in the future.
  • Believes the best way to make student government more transparent for students is to get involved in college councils, as well as continuously visiting student organizations.
  • Wants to consider a morality clause for future fundraising.
  • To promote sustainability, Hancock wants to create more awareness about green guidelines created by GreenLove


Corey Polant: Vice President of University Affairs candidate


  • Wants to build outreach to create awareness of the roles in A.S. and supports open door policy.
  • Wants to continue to find opportunities for students to come together at the student union, but also wants to really work with the 300+ organizations on campus to find space in and out of the student union.
  • Believes that for student to best understand issues on campus, they should have active role on campus.
  • Encourages involvement in College Councils and believes they are the home base for academics.
  • Wants to promote sustainability by finding ways to make biking and skateboarding on campus safer, as well as finding sustainable ways for students to come to campus, such as carpooling.

Jacqueline Karczewski: Vice President of External Relations candidate


  • Wants to ensure students are aware of campus events and resources, as well legislation that affects CSU students.
  • Will promote Aztec TV and the Aztec App (which generates a list of SDSU events going on each day) to create a more sustainable method of communicating with students, as well as promoting student engagement.
  • Will work with organizations to find the best place on campus for their event
  • Wants to provide organizations with a marketing one sheet, with a list of ways for organizations to better market to more students.
  • Create more awareness within the San Diego Community for campus events , including football and women’s sports.


Alex Padua: Vice President of Financial Affairs candidate


  • Team mission: Uniting Aztecs
  • In case of either a budget deficit or surplus; would make sure each separate sector of SDSU had adequate funding by being efficient and understanding student needs.
  • Wants to ensure students have accessibility to see where the budget goes, and wants every student to benefit from it.
  • Stands behind the process of the Student Success Fee, but believes there needed to be more communication between students and the Executive Board.
  • Advocate of sustainability, encourages involvement in Financial Affairs Committee, which determines funds for the sustainability movement.