Crime on Campus

by Quinn Owen

Teens caught for robbery

Two non-San Diego State students, attempted to rob a victim outside of an Metropolitan Transit System Station on Monday, March 10, around 10 p.m.

Both of the juveniles were arrested and taken to the San Diego juvenile detention facility.

According to SDSU Police Department Lt. Michael O’Dean, the two subjects were most likely waiting at the SDSU bus stop, which serves as a transit juncture for multiple bus lines.

Student arrested for Adderall

Early Wednesday morning, SDSU police were called to College Avenue to investigate a potentially violent argument between a young man and a woman.

Upon arrival and assessment of the vehicle, authorities identified a prescription drug in the possession of the male driver, who was an SDSU student. When it was determined the suspect did not have a prescription for the medication, he was arrested and cited.

“Offenders will be arrested, issued a citation and then released,” O’Dean said.

It was later determined that the drug was Adderall, a prescription medication used to treat the physical and psychological side effects of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. When taken by individuals who do not have the disorder, it can lead to high blood pressure and can cause severe heart problems.

Student shoplifter at the bookstore

On Wednesday afternoon at about 1:30 p.m. a SDSU student was arrested for shoplifting from the SDSU Bookstore. The student illegally removed approximately $80 worth of merchandise from the store.

SDSU loss prevention usually deals with these types of petty crimes and a civil citation is usually brought on by the storeowner, O’Dean said.

The SDSU student shoplifter was cited, then released. The bookstore is not perusing any legal action other than the normal citation process.