Punk rock band attempts to achieve the ‘American Dream’


by Josselyn Molina

This past weekend, Soma dedicated its stage to Of Mice & Men, Bring me the Horizon and Letlive for two separate nights. Starting with Letlive, Jason Aalon (lead vocalist) led the crowd into an energetic fuze. The profound lyrics and his heightened energy hyped up the audience for Of Mice & Men and Bring Me The Horizon. All three bands put on a great show for the audience, by leading the crowd closer together to each other, not only physically, but emotionally.

Costa Mesa’s post hardcore band Of Mice & Men has gained recognition from people of all ages and places. The recent release of its new album “Restoring Force” brought in fans from all over San Diego and Los Angeles. The album debut at number four on the Billboard 200 albums chart and sold over 50,000 units. Although the shows at Soma concluded its American Dream tour, it marked the beginning of their European tour, which they will be performing over these next months before returning to the celebrated Vans Warped Tour. Along with Of Mice & Men, Bring Me The Horizon, from Yorkshire, finished off the show with a bang. Oli Sykes (lead vocalist) performed for the crowd in a way that engaged the concertgoers to feel the music with him.

All in all, the two night of the American Dream Tour, at Soma San Diego involved some of the best post hardcore bands of the 2000s. Their popularity has definitely grown after so many appearances at Vans Warped Tour, that they’ve gained followers from all over the world. Coming from a person who doesn’t normally listen to post hardcore, the musical lyrics and stage performance from the three bands, opened my eyes to the reasons why these groups have accumulated such dedicated fans.

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