Underneath the graduation gown


by Elisse Miller

Graduation is a mere two weeks away, and even though I still have final projects and job applications ahead of me, the most frivolous question lingers in my brain: what am I going to wear to graduation?

It’s a life-changing milestone that celebrates the conclusion of my education–of course I’m going to panic about what to wear!

On graduation day, there’s lots of factors to consider when choosing your outfit.

You need to be able to move fairly easily. You’ll be sitting, standing, walking in different bursts. Did I mention sitting? You’ll be sitting for upwards of two to three hours. You’ll thank me for considering comfort.

You need to look classy. You’ll want your parents to feel like they paid for four years of education, not partying. Keep the plunging necklines and sky-high hemlines for the after party.

You need to stand out. You’ll be taking lots of photos that day, and you may get lost among the other thousands of black gowns. Be sure your dress doesn’t wash you out, or even worse, blend in with your graduation gown.

One of my favorite styles of dresses is “fit ‘n’ flare.” The classic shape of the fit ‘n’ flare dress flatters almost every body type and is a great foundation for a nice day dress. I’d recommend selecting one of these dresses in a bold, not distracting, print or in a bright color. Stay away from solid black or white dresses unless you plan on incorporating colorful accessories. This will make you stand out for the right reasons.

Remember when your gown is zipped, only your shoes will show, so don’t neglect your footwear. Choose a walkable shoe (think wedges) with a modest heel that compliments your fabulous dress.

Top to bottom, left to right: Blue lace dress from Forever 21, lilac peplum dress from Top Shop, black lace dress from Mod Cloth, pleated ivory dress from Nasty Gal, bow-back dress from Urban Outfitters, pink crop dress from Top Shop, orange floral dress from ASOS, red dress from Nasty Gal and black and white striped dress from Mod Cloth.