Danny Brown performed wild for the night

by Ryo Miyauchi

On Friday, May 2, Detroit rapper Danny Brown performed his wild, party-ready songs for a packed crowd at Porter’s Pub. Zelooperz, a rapper from Danny’s Bruiser Brigade crew, and up-and-coming Lakewood rapper Aston Matthews also played at the show as opening acts.

Zelooperz took the stage first, accompanied by Bruiser Brigade DJ Skywlkr. He rapped with a vocal approach similar to Brown as he played around with his voice in interesting ways. Overall, his set showed a good preview of new talent coming from Bruiser Brigade.

Aston Matthews followed next. Though he isn’t directly affiliated with Brown’s crew, the Southern trap influence in his music made Aston a natural fit in the lineup. He shouted out his popular collaborator ASAP Ferg during his set and rapped his featured chorus for Ferg’s “F–k Out My Face” to hype up the crowd.

With a little bit of delay, Brown finally came out around 11 p.m. It was difficult to see his arrival across the thick crowd, but his signature high-pitched voice made his presence official. He opened with “Break It (Go)” and continued to tackle the buckwild half of his latest album, “Old.” The high-energy tracks such as the synth-rap “Smokin’ and Drinkin’” and non-album cut “Molly Ringwald” got people shouting lyrics and jumping nonstop.

At no point during the performance did either Brown or the crowd calm down. As the rapper raged on throughout the set, countless people attempted to squeeze through the packed crowd for a chance to experience the show up close. Even during the most mellow song in the set, “25 Bucks,” a collaboration with Canadian synth-pop duo Purity Ring, Danny yapped away with fury, and the crowd heavily nodded along to the deep bass of the beat.

Danny finished the show on a high note, charging through the devilish “Kush Coma” and ending with the bugged-out “Dip.” When it was all over, he let out one last cackle and thanked San Diego for the wild night. Fans then made their way out of the venue, many drenched in sweat. Though they all looked worn out, no one seemed disappointed.

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