CD release party gets irie at SDSU

CD release party gets irie at SDSU

by Josselyn Molina

On Friday, May 2, the Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre was invaded by the multitude of San Diego’s reggae music scene. Two San Diego-based bands, Tribal Seeds and Tribal Theory, played alongside Bermuda’s Collie Buddz and Tribal Seeds’ own Gonzo. A great variety of reggae was played by the four acts, from Roots reggae, reggae rock, ska and even a little bit of trance reggae mixed in to a night dedicated to love, serenity and music.

The night started off with a performance by Gonzo, Tribal Seeds’s guitarist and vocalist, and Tribal Theory embodied our beautiful Californian state. Both acts resonated with a sense of community as the bands and the crowd were united in one mellow state of mind. The show continued as Collie Buddz took the stage to perform a revitalizing 05_08_14_Entertainment_TribalSeeds_ChelseaMasseyset while expressing a huge appreciation for his San Diego fans.

However, out of all of the bands performing that evening, Tribal Seeds pulled the concert by its roots with its official CD release party. The set featured some songs from their new album, “Representing,” which became available for pre-order on the same day. Their performance included a variety of songs, some dating back to their start back in 2008 and others off their 2014 album.

The combination of bands who performed on Friday brought together some of the most enthusiastic reggae music-goers in the city.

It was a night full of true appreciation for music and the people who make it possible. Tribal Seeds, Collie Buddz, Tribal Theory and Gonzo represented the reggae community all across the world. Tribal Seed’s album “Representing” features multiple big names in the reggae industry and will be available May 13.

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Photos by Chelsea Massey, staff photographer

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