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Survival Guide: Places on campus

Designed by Kate Leonard, Staff Designer

Written in collaboration with Chelsea Baer. 


Calpulli houses Counseling and Psychological Services, Student Disability Services and Student Health Services. These services are all included in basic tuition and fees. Calpulli is where one can receive health care from its on-site health professionals. Its is a convenient place to receive medications, family planning services, immunizations, dentistry, dermatology and health education workshops. Calpulli also provides mental and emotional care. For students needing stress relief, there are meditation rooms and well-being areas that include massage chairs. For stress that requires more than that, the Counseling and Psychological Services provides students with the care they need. From mental to physical, Calpulli is the best resource on campus for all students’ needs.

Student services west

The Student Services West building is adjacent to the Student Union. Student Services West holds some of the most important departments on campus: the Academic Advising Center, Office of the Registrar and Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships. At Academic Advising, undeclared students can get help on choosing a major and students with general questions about undergraduate classes will find answers. The Office of the Registrar is where paperwork to change, declare or drop a major can be found and turned in. The Office of Financial Aid handles your documents and questions regarding your financial aid. SSW can be difficult to navigate, so utilize the directory and take mental note of the locations of these offices.

SDSU Transit Station

The SDSU Transit Station, more commonly referred to as the trolley station, is located between the Adam Humanities building and the Union. While the trolley station isn’t the most glamorous place on campus, it’s a transportation staple. An all-day trolley pass costs only $5 and can transport you anywhere from Fashion Valley to Seaport Village to La Mesa. For those living on campus without a car, the trolley is a necessity for grocery shopping and nights at the movie theater. Bring a pair of headphones for longer trolley rides, but pay close attention to the different color lines.

West Commons

West Commons is the quieter, smaller cousin of East Commons. Located just across from turtle pond and next to the new Storm and Nasatir Halls, it offers an Aztec Market, Starbucks and Juice it Up! West Commons also houses SDSU’s best-kept dining secret: Olive Oil Cafe. Serving vegetarian and meat-friendly sandwiches, soups and salads, Olive Oil Cafe pairs perfectly with a spot on the grass at Scripps Cottage. For some, West Commons isn’t notable compared to the Union or East Commons, but given its proximity to some of the campus’s best places to relax, it’s perfect for grabbing a snack and relaxing.

Storm and Nasatir Halls

These recently renovated buildings are located between West Commons and Arts and Letters. The $73 million dollar renovations include the addition of three large lecture halls, solar paneling and state-of-the-art technology, but what’s most notable about Storm and Nasatir Halls is the courtyard that sits behind them. Perched on the edge of campus and overlooking the valley, this is a quiet spot perfect for studying or napping between classes, with plenty of tables and chairs. Great views, proximity to nourishment and caffeine, makes Storm and Nasatir Halls the newest place to relax on campus.

Viejas Arena

From convocation to commencement, Viejas Arena is a vital place for incoming freshmen to know. The arena, located beside the Aztec Recreation Center, is the proud home to the men and women Aztec basketball teams. Incoming Aztecs should take note and remember to arrive early during game season, to ensure a prime seat in the student section. The Viejas Arena can hold up to 12,845 people, which makes it a perfect venue for large concerts as well. Students can pick up tickets to these sporting events, concerts, and more at the ticket windows located in front of the arena.

Turtle Pond

Sometimes college can be a confusing and stressful place. Luckily, San Diego State’s turtle pond is a peaceful escape complete with lily pads and coy fish. The tranquil oasis is located just across from West Commons, beneath a grassy hill (usually filled with readers and sunbathers). Scripps Cottage sits behind the pond and often hosts gatherings for clubs and organizations on campus. Students suffering from a heavy class load or who just want to soak up the sun can grab a snack and head over to the turtle pond.

24/7 Study Area

The 24/7 study area is a portion of the library that offers students a place to print, study, and sometimes nap. To get to the 24/7 study area, students can enter the dome and walk through the glass tunnel to the second floor of the library addition. This area of the library is unique for the fact that snacks and conversations louder than a whisper are allowed. Students can unitize the computers and open tables or reserve a room with a whiteboard for larger gatherings. This place becomes a popular gathering spot especially during midterms and finals week.

 East Commons

East Commons is one of the biggest food courts on campus. East Commons is beside the bookstore in the center of SDSU. Options for the hungry Aztec include: Panda Express, Rubio’s Fresh Mexican Grill, Daphne’s California Greek, Subway, Salad Bistro, Vinnie’s Pizza, So-Cal Chicken, Juice it Up! and an Aztec Market. All of the eateries in East Commons accept meal plans, making it easy to dine on a budget. Students can enjoy their meal at one of the tables inside or on the outside patio. Clubs and organizations can also partner with some of the restaurants in East Commons to fundraise for events.

 Aztec Student Union

The Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Unionis SDSU’s newest hub for purposes including: dining, entertainment, and student services. The union is located just across the bridge from the dorms and is home to restaurants such as: Oggi’s Pizza Express, The Habit, Chipotle, Aztec Market with Shakesmart and Starbucks. Active Aztecs can visit Aztec Lanes on the first floor for bowling or the ARC express on the third floor for a quick workout. There is also a California Coast Credit Union on the main floor beside Oggi’s. The second floor is where students can find the Student Life and Leadership office, Templo Mayor, a multi-purpose theatre, and Montezuma Hall. Last but not least, the third floor is home to Associated Students’ offices, the ARC express, and Council Chambers.

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Survival Guide: Places on campus