Then and now: Reminiscing Past First Days

by Christine Whitman, Staff Writer

Welcome back fellow Aztecs! The time has come once again to start school, whether some of you like it or not. You remember the drill, but you don’t want to around frightening freshmen as they run around campus trying to get to class. But try not to be annoyed. Instead try to reminisce what it was like starting your first years of school, and I’ll tell you mine.



Back in the year 2000, I remember my mother holding my hand and walking me to room K-2 at noon­—I wish every day could still start at noon! I would constantly look up at her and see her smiling back at me. I remember being so nervous, because when you’re little all you know is your parents, and you trust them without any shred of doubt, knowing that everything is going to be alright. I remember having to sit criss-cross-applesauce on this multicolored carpet with a square for each child. I remember at three when my mother came back to pick me up, I was to excited about the new friends I had made, I didn’t want to go home. I realized that leaving my parents for three hours a day wasn’t a bad thing, and that kindergarten couldn’t possibly that bad.


High School

Flashing forward to the year 2009, I remember walking onto campus and thinking two things: wow I’m such a cool kid because I’m in high school now; and two, why is this campus so big, I’m going to be late for everything! I remember picking up my schedule and being nervous to find out who was in my classes, and what they would be like. But the great thing is that when I walked into my Honors Geometry class my freshman year—which I hated for future reference; I saw one of my best friends I’d met only two years earlier and suddenly the day became better. As it conveniently turned out, I had loads of friends in every single one of my classes, as well as lunch with a handful of my best friends. Needless to say my first day of high school was once again, nothing to be worried about because of the people that stood by me every step of the way.



Then finally, along came my first day of college. The week before involved stressing, packing, organizing, and realizing the amount of crap you own that needs to fit in tiny boxes in a small dorm room. The first day of classes involved way too much stress than necessary. I remember thinking I was going to be late to everything walking over this enormous campus. But I learned quickly that it took about ten minutes for me to get absolutely anywhere, and that everyone hates sitting in lecture hall seats. The first day of college may seem intimidating to the incoming freshman at first but don’t worry, everyone is going through the exact same thing you are! Welcome Aztecs, and have a great year!