UK garage band puts on a bloody good show

by Courtney Brown, Staff Writer

Ben Thatcher of the rock band Royal Blood was eye to eye with a live tiger in Little Rock, Arkansas when it was time for his phone interview with The Daily Aztec. When the bluesy garage band isn’t melting faces at rock shows, the musicians apparently enjoy an occasional trip to the zoo.

The British duo, Thatcher and Mike Kerr, open for the Pixies this Saturday, Sept. 27 at Humphreys Concerts by the Bay. The two met as teenagers and had no idea their jam sessions would one day turn into world tours and a full-length album.

“It’s always been about our love of music, and the people around us just responded well to it,” Thatcher said on their quick success.

The young band formed in 2013 and released their first single, “Out of the Black,” that same year. Soon a self-titled, full-length debut album followed in 2014. Their talent and energy is amplified through a grungy, distorted sound. It’s hard to believe only two instruments produce such a powerful sound.

The importance of friendship, good times and good music seems to be what the men of Royal Blood value most. No other motive drives their success besides doing what they love.

“If I could give my teenage self a piece of advice, it would just be to not worry so much; have fun,” Thatcher said.

Saturday’s crowd at Humphrey’s should be ready to expect the unexpected, Thatcher said.

“We’re really looking forward to meeting people in San Diego and having a big party with you all,” Thatcher said.