King Tuff brings his unique rock music to The Irenic

by Sarah Tanori , Staff Writer

King Tuff is the mocking little devil on your shoulder. Kyle Thomas, more known as King Tuff, has circulated the DIY scene as a member of several acts. Over the course of three full-length albums, he has displayed his expansive musical palette with different styles, such as garage rock, metal, and neo psychedelic. The no-good punk just released his album on Sept. 23, and he will bring his mystical thrash to The Irenic this Thursday, Sept. 25.

Thomas began with the King Tuff guise in 2006. Releasing his first album “Was Dead” in 2008 and self-titled in 2012.His latest album Black Moon Spell was released on Sub Pop records. It solidified his musical style, bringing in new wave 70s and 80s glam rock with a spooky sci-fi persona.

What separates King Tuff from the current garage rock craze happening from record labels such as Burger and Lollipop are his unfiltered lyrics and his serious commitment to a metal riff. Songs such as “I Love You Ugly” exemplify this with lyrics like “I don’t care if you hate your face, if you say it looks like toxic waste, I love you, I love you ugly” followed by a hardcore melody. The artist gives off a love-me-or-hate-me ego with the tunes to back it up, his latest is versatile and is definitely not an album to be scrapped. Its mini tracks are volatile, catchy, and belligerent as ever.

King Tuff’s magnetism comes from his knack of reviving different musical genres with a distinctive flair that is everything but try hard. Kyle Thomas’s voice sounds like a whiny teenage boy who knows what the hell he is doing. For the music itself, it can only be described as a musical transcendence for the stoners of America.