Finance club invests in members

Finance club invests in members

by Cami Buckman, Contributor

What exactly is the Finance and Investment Society?  At the Sept. 15 meeting, FIS proved to be more than just a club that discusses finance. Instead, FIS is an organization that thrives on the success and well being of its diverse members (and the free pizza wasn’t too bad either). The main focus of this organization is to provide the club members with insight to the current financial job market and to prepare them for their later careers. Some activities FIS conduct include an investment challenge, an excel workshop and tutoring for members. They are currently in the developing stages of an intro finance course.

When asked if the FIS has helped him on his career path, senior President Karl Maes responded with a proud, “Yes!”

FIS provides it’s members with the proper tools and information needed for internships and job opportunities.

Maes said his involvement with FIS led him to an internship and a job offer at Wells Fargo. FIS is an association that builds the professional networking and critical thinking skills needed in today’s work force.

“We try to expose our members to multiple areas within the finance industry as well as give them some tools and a network to help ease the transition into the working world,” President elect Evan Sofia said.

FIS also brings in notable speakers from the San Diego area. Attendees had the privilege of hearing professor Medhi Salehizadeh, the San Diego State finance department chair, speak about the financial programs here on campus. Salehizadeh spoke about the qualities students need to be successful in the financial field. FIS’s speakers are authentic and interactive individuals who are definitely worth seeing for those interested in the financial field. The club focuses on developing skills for the financial industry.FIS’s executive board sincerely wants their members to excel in interviews and internships.

Everything in this organization relates back to the members and the different ways to improve their professional skills.

“We want to make the connections now and build a professional network,” Maes said.

Whether it’s the philanthropic events, guest speakers, or internship opportunities, FIS is certainly a “yes” for those here at State wanting to pursue a successful career in finance.