Switchfoot swings home on tour


by Courtney Brown, Staff Writer

San Diego’s homegrown rock band Switchfoot brings its Fading West tour to the Open Air Theater on Saturday, Nov. 1. The unique tour features the band’s surf documentary also titled “Fading West” that lends a deeper insight into where their music inspiration comes from.

The band members describe the album as a love letter to the ocean. Drummer Chad Butler grew up surfing Black’s Beach and listening to local San Diego bands. He attended Carlsbad High School and University of California, San Diego along with bassist Tim Foreman and frontman Jon Foreman. The strong connection with the musicians’ hometown is the heart of the band.

“It’s been home to us since the beginning,” Butler said. “And that’s why Nov. 1 is so special to us, because it’s been a labor of love making this film and putting out the album. So to finally be able to bring the whole project back home feels incredible.”

The documentary follows the Switchfoot members while they travel to iconic surf spots around the world, play shows, and record a new album.

After 17 years recording together, they decided to look deeper for new inspiration. The challenge was taking their music to a new place that still felt like home.

“We look at the ocean and it’s always a reminder of where we came from,” Butler said. “Even if it’s in another country, there’s a commonality and it’s a connection that we have together that was started in the water.”

After a year of taking “Fading West” around the country, the musicians are stoked to finally come full circle and bring it home.

“We’re really grateful to the San Diego community for all the support it’s shown us over the years and to be able to represent that all over the world where music has taken us is an honor,” Butler said. “To be known as a San Diego band is something we’re really proud of.”

The Nov. 1 show sounds like good vibes will be all around from a band with a lot of love for its hometown.