Crime Beat: assaulted student seeks medical attention

by Quinn Owen , Senior Staff Writer

The San Diego State Police Department is investigating a report that an SDSU student was sexually assaulted in mid-October.

The assault was reported to police on Nov. 5 when the assaulted woman went to SDSU’s Calpulli Center last Wednesday.

SDSUPD Captain Josh Mays said there are few available details regarding the case but the department believes the individuals were under the influence of alcohol.


Student assaulted on Halloween

On Thursday, Nov. 6,  a student reported she was sexually assaulted at a fraternity house on Oct. 31.

Mays said no campus-wide alert was sent out because the incident was reported nearly a week after it occurred. He said the department believes the woman and the assaulter were under the influence of alcohol.

“We encourage our students to be safe at social events by limiting alcohol, arriving with a group of friends and leaving with that same group of friends, not accepting drinks from others, and reporting suspicious activity,” Mays said.

Suspended fraternity gets noise complaint

SDSU police responded to a noise complaint at the Phi Kappa Theta fraternity house just after midnight on Thursday, Nov. 6. According to the SDSU police media bulletin, yelling, screaming and loud music was coming from the “fraternity row” apartment complex for the past two hours.

Mays said the residents received a warning and may face a fine if another complaint is made in the near future. He said the department shares information with the university when there are violations of the student code of conduct related to Greek organizations.

The fraternity is on probation since March 2014 for hazing and social event policy violations according to the SDSU Greek Life Judicial Records. The probation stipulates that the fraternity is restricted from holding social events. The probation will continue until June 2015.

Students steal at the bookstore 

Two SDSU students were arrested and cited for petty theft last Thursday, Nov. 6 after attempting to steal merchandise from the SDSU Bookstore.

The first incident occurred at 12:08 p.m. when a female student attempted to steal five items of clothing totaling $255.

At 2:23 p.m., another SDSU student was arrested for stealing a calculator costing approximately $14.

Both students were released after being issued a citation, according to the SDSUPD media bulletin.