Overcoming those deal-breaking habits

by Emma Secker

Kallie Larson / Staff Photographer
Kallie Larson / Staff Photographer

Everyone possesses something unique and special that causes another person to fall head-over-heels in love. And, everyone also possesses something not so special that makes another person’s hair fall out.

Awkward relationship deal breakers: Everyone has them, and like it or not, most are guilty of at least a few. What are some of these excruciating eccentricities? Several San Diego State students shed some light on what peevish peculiarities blacklist others from their little black books.

“I can’t stand when men eat less than you,” communications junior Erika De La Cruz said. “Hello? There is a problem when we’re out to eat, and they are the one’s getting the to-go boxes.”

While some girls find it irritating when a date can’t finish his plate, other SDSU females find it even more irksome when a guy can’t do justice to his drink. Junior Kathleen Steinkamp confesses that it drives her crazy when a guy can’t handle his alcohol consumption.

“It really bothers me if I have better knowledge of beer than a guy,” Steinkamp said. “But it especially bothers me if they frown when I pull out the Jack Daniels.”

Food and drink habits seem to be common deal breakers among SDSU students. Females and males agree they dislike when their date can’t cook a homemade meal. Junior Tim Wilcott finds girls who push their fundamentalist diets unpalatable.

“I can’t stand in-your-face veganism,” Wilcott said. “Like when girls get pissed at you in some way or another for ordering a burger or taking them to dinner for the first time at a place where they don’t serve vegan stuff.”

Moving beyond the plate and to the personality, SDSU students have clearly defined preferences on how the opposite sex should behave.

“Men can’t take longer to get ready than I do,” De La Cruz said. “They should also be able to help me with random stuff like technology, cars or putting up a shelf or some other specialty.”

While most women don’t like a fruity man, communications senior Cory Will said he doesn’t care for prissy girls, either.

“Too much makeup is definitely a deal breaker,” Will said. “The more natural, the better. Also non-athletic girls are a deal breaker. I like to do things outdoors like play tennis or basketball, so they need to have at least some athleticism.”

There are also several physical restrictions that can forestall a relationship. Long fingernails, smelly feet, crooked smiles and excessive hair (especially in inappropriate areas) are a few of these bothersome nonconformities many students refuse to tolerate. From necks draped in puka shells to unkempt toes, SDSU students do not miss a beat when it comes to detecting and demonizing these awkward blunders.

For SDSU students rushing to the nearest razor, or agonizing the decorative disaster that is their favorite bedazzled headband, not so fast: We all have quirks. What one person might find irritating, another could find intriguing. With that said, toenails should not be talons. Some things are just inexcusable.