Going back to school, Disney-style

by Kelly Hillock, Features Editor

Winter break is sadly coming to an end, and we’re all struggling coming back to campus for spring semester. One whole month without classes or homework and it’s like everything is forgotten. Luckily, Disney has the answer to all of our problems.


Waking up for the first morning class and feeling like a bear coming out of hibernation.


But then somehow finding the strength within yourself to get to class on time.


If only I could ride to class on a Pegasus…

Walking onto campus again, strutting your stuff.









I have arrived.


The professor who assigns any work on the first day.


Let me enjoy syllabus week in peace!

 Leaving any class, ever.


Especially with the knowledge of all the reading you need to do.

Having no food because you want to see how long you can last without going grocery shopping.


Ah yes. Let’s see what this will buy me at the Aztec Market.

Realizing you may be the smartest person in the class.


“What is a syllabus?”

Coming home and locking yourself in your room because people.


“Just leave me to die.”

But then realizing it’s a three-day week.


 Then Sunday night, you need to remind yourself:

Happy Syllabus Week and welcome back Aztecs!