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Gamers cash in on golden opportunity

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Gamers cash in on golden opportunity

Evan Amos Vanamo Media

Evan Amos Vanamo Media

Evan Amos Vanamo Media

by Nick Knott, Entertainment Editor

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Video games can serve as a key aspect of a young college student’s life, much in the same way that Netflix or HBO GO can ­— a way to distract oneself from the rigorous course work dumped on students each semester.

However, unlike Netflix and HBO GO, purchasing new games every month can quickly deplete one’s bank account due to the fact that the average retail price for a single game is about the same price as a tank of gas, if not more.

There is a way to still get some great games for dirt cheap, or even free, thanks to the wonderful people at Xbox. Each month the gaming system company highlights new games in their “Deals with Gold” and “Games with Gold.”

“Games with Gold” allows Xbox Live Gold members to download free games each month directly from the Xbox Live Marketplace. Typically there is a free download at the beginning of each month, and then a second free game midway through the month. Since the games are free, they’re not going to be the big blockbuster games that everyone loves and enjoys. What they will be are not-as-successful games that are still fun or games resurrected from days of lore.

Currently Xbox has two games that are worth the free download: “Worms Battleground” and “Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Deluxe Edition.” The two games couldn’t be more polar opposite.

“Worms Battleground” is a continuation of the ‘90s hit “Worms” series where players battle it out as a squad of worms, each player taking a turn and using different weapons to take out the cartoony enemy worms.

For those who are more into role-playing games, “Witcher 2” is a quest-based game where players build their character’s skills over the course of the game. For avid RPG gamers, “Witcher 2” is a big step up from “World of Warcraft” but not quite on the same level as “Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.” The free download is a perfect introduction to the “Witchers” series, and there’s plenty of time to get into it before “Witcher 3” releases in May.

“Deals with Gold” is Xbox’s other means of hooking its premium service users. The concept is pretty self explanatory, score awesome deals on awesome games. Recently Xbox has given its users deals on games such as “Skyrim” and “Grand Theft Auto San Andreas,” the latter only costing a mere four dollars.

For Aztec who enjoy gaming, and free stuff, it’s smart to get in the habit of checking the Xbox Live Marketplace for any new games that may strike a fancy. These types of deals are perfect for students who are battling the constant costs of books, tuition, rent and food. All the money saved by taking advantage of these deals can get a student a lot of Top Ramen, which is perfect gaming food.

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  1. SchematicMan on February 3rd, 2015 4:37 am

    I think you need a new entertainment editor. There are so many errors in this article it’s not even funny.

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