The truth behind my resume

by Christine Whitman, Senior Staff Writer

The whole reason we attend college is to have a piece of paper saying we’re qualified to head out into the real world as adults. That piece of paper can help us reach our dream jobs and all the amenities that come with it. But, before you get that diploma at the end of your college career, you have to study, work and write the dreaded resume.

Most students have experience with writing a resume, as it’s required no matter what industry you apply too. These days resumes are filled with dozens of extracurricular activities, club affiliations, job qualifications and, most importantly, work experience.

But what about all of the other things you’re good at that are not really resume worthy?

In my eyes, a person is more than what is on their resume. Imagine all of the other things you could add to your resume that truly show who you are. It could give an interviewer a real inside look into who you are by providing a list of your most valuable skills. If I created my own version of a resume, I would add these things:


San Diego State University

Bachelors of Attending the Best School in the nation – May 2017

Named the Best Basketball Game Student Section (2012-2014)


Certified Burrito Eater, Chipotle – Present

Knows Guacamole is extra.

Sign Holder, The Show – Present

Always believes that we will win.

Professional Trivia Crack Player – Present

Undefeated at level 100.

Relevant Skills:

  • Has the ability to watch an entire season of a Netflix television show in one sitting.
  • Wears absolutely nothing but SDSU attire on campus.
  • Capable of cheering on SDSU sports teams without losing my voice.
  • Competent in the art of dodging a skateboarder in the bike lane.
  • Sleeps through a series of alarms without waking up.
  • Watches every re-run of “F.R.I.E.N.D.S.” when it’s on television.
  • Has the ability to pull three consecutive all-nighters.
  • Is able to avoid all conversations with other people.
  • Can stand in a Starbucks line for an hour without getting impatient.
  • Proficient in writing an entire paper an hour before its due date.
  • Qualified to survive on nothing but Top Ramen and coffee.
  • Always makes time to go to the beach.


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