Mississippi rappers introduce San Diego to the ‘Sremm Life’

Cover of Rae Sremmurd's "SremmLife"

by Nick Knott, Entertainment Editor

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Many people are familiar with ILoveMakonnen’s “Tuesday” track that has everyone “going up” on the second night of the work week. However, this week, Mississippi rap duo Rae Sremmurd had Observatory North Park going up on a Monday.

After a few small sets by mediocre local and out-of-town talent, it was time for the Brown brothers that are Rae Sremmurd to hit the stage.

The crowd inside the spacious Observatory North Park was more than ready as well. The tour DJ set up shop center stage and started pumping out the latest and greatest hip-hop jams to get the crowd hyped, and he sure did succeed. Within seconds all the ladies in the venue were dancing and all the fellas had their trap hands raised high.

With one last “Are y’all ready for Rae Sremmurd,” question from the DJ, the teenage rapper brothers hit the stage right on the dot at 9 p.m.

The energy level was through the roof, and it wasn’t about to come down anytime soon. Rae Sremmurd started their set with what can be assumed is a lesser-known track from when they were coming up in the music industry. But, shortly after that they segued right into their debut album “Sremm Life.”

All it took was the first few beats from the track “No Flex Zone” for the whole crowd to be jumping. It was amazing to see two new artists, at such a young age, show such poise on stage. Their confidence continued throughout their whole set, which allowed the duo to captivate the whole venue for the whole set.

Rae Sremmurd continued to play hit after hit from their album as the night progressed. As the duo got the crowd clapping in unison, the DJ dropped “Throw Some Mo.” It’s hard to appreciate the song when the feature artists, Young Thug and Nicki Minaj, aren’t there to perform it. However, Rae Sremmurd enlisted the crowd to take over those verses; it was an awesome move for enhancing the crowd experience.

Rae Sremmurd rewarded the concertgoers with a unique experience that is definitely not a common thing at concerts. They brought out super-producer Mike Will Made It and asked the crowd to help them in wishing him a happy birthday. As Mike made his way onto the stage, the crowd erupted in sing-song.

Quickly after that the party was back in full swing. There were few transitions between songs, besides the occasional “How you doing San Diego?”

The best of the performed songs were easily, all of them. There was not a bad moment in the whole show, well until the end that is. After playing “Come Get Her,” Unlock the Swag” and the duo ultimately ending on a raucous version of “My X.”

At this point hit the only drawback to the overall fun night. Right at 10 p.m., just a mere hour after starting, the show ended. And to make it even worse, there was no encore. The abrupt ending meant that great songs such as “This Could Be Us” and “Safe Sex Pay Checks” were skipped during the set. That was unfortunate because that would be the perfect way to end and set up an encore.

Nonetheless Rae Sremmurd puts on a fun show. They keep the energy high the whole time and make sure the crowd gets their money’s worth. If Aztecs missed them this go around, definitely shoot for catching them on their inevitable return to San Diego.

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