Spring Breaking the rules

by Alicia Chavez, Senior Staff Writer

No one can really prepare you for your senior year or the tremendous toll your body, bank account and social life will take as you slowly try and say goodbye to your college life. So, instead of making time to plan a trip somewhere this spring break or stressing about the time I would waste at home in Texas, I decided to take it easy and focus on what matters, like catching up on work and applying to jobs — something that was terrifyingly new to me.

I’m not one to break routine or disappoint my parents, and I knew they were a little upset I didn’t go home for the break, especially since I haven’t seen them or my brothers since I left for spring semester in January. It was hard to tell them I wouldn’t be visiting, but deep down I knew I was making the right decision.

As everyone celebrated the beginning of their break, I did the same by taking a nap instead of a shot of cheap vodka. I was hoping to just hibernate until classes started again, but after about an hour I woke up with a newfound attitude and decided to make the best of this break because I deserved it.

My week of adventures started with Sunday Funday in Hillcrest with my roommate. We ate pizza for breakfast and drank mimosas until we forgot where we parked the car. We bar hopped at three in the afternoon until we finally got kicked out of a bar at 7 p.m. for barely being able to stand.

We spent Monday riding bikes in Coronado, and on Tuesday we debated getting tattoos. We decided against the whole tattoos thing, but we did eat Pad Thai twice in one day from two different restaurants. On Thursday night we tried out a new gay club in Hillcrest and witnessed our first “wet underwear contest.” It may not have been my cup of tea, but watching boys shower on stage in their underwear is something I can’t say I’ve seen before.

On Saturday we spent the day under the sun in Rosarito, Mexico, drinking piña coladas out of giant pineapples. After four years of living in San Diego with a passport, I deeply regret not going to Mexico sooner. We plan to go back soon, but hopefully we will be able to avoid “the whistle guy” at Papa’s and Beer during our next trip because guzzling down shots of tequila and being spun around isn’t the best idea, not even on Spring Break.

I got absolutely nothing done this break and spent every night drinking a new bottle of champagne with my roommate. In between it all, I realized that it’s okay to be a little selfish sometimes and do something that makes you happy. My roommate and I decided the theme of our break was, “When was the last time you did something for the time?” We thought it seemed appropriate. I learned to take more chances and try new things, no questions asked. After this break, I vowed to have more “firsts.”