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Started from the bottom now we employed

For us Aztecs who are graduating, the job market is an intimidating and unknown world that is just waiting to feast on our newly received diplomas and lack of experience. The next few weeks will be filled with stress solely from finals and such, but the weeks after will increase stress levels by a ten fold as applications are sent out to every company within a statewide radius.

After being told for many years that your field is impossible to break into, you’re at the door waiting to, well, break through. No one epitomizes this type of success more than Drake. He did start from the bottom, even if starring on “Degrassi” is considered the bottom. Clearly there’s no better choice to help visualize the inevitable post-grad employment search.


1. You finally graduate.








Your college years are behind you. No more nonsensical assignments, midterms, anal teachers and expensive books. It’s time to celebrate.


2. Back to carefree times hanging with the squad.










Before you leave San Diego State, you and the homies go on a bender celebrating your accomplishments.


3. Then you realize that you need a job. 









All the money spent on the five straight nights out went pretty darn quick. Reality officially sets in.


4. You move back home and your parents start charging you rent, with no family discount. 








And on top of that, you’re moved into the much smaller guest room because your room was turned into a yoga studio/office by your parents.


5. College was much more fun than the real world, why can’t you just go back? 








There’s no point in reminiscing over the fun times in college. It’ll just make you sad.


6. After months of searching, you find the perfect job. 










Finally your premium LinkedIn account pays off by presenting you with the gift of your dream job.


7. But your college roommate applied to the job as well. 









Even after stealing your food in college, this guy keeps trying to ruin your life.


8. You get the call for the second interview. 








“Hello is this Mr. Job Applicant? We’d like to bring you in for another interview.”  You momentarily lose the ability to speak on the other end of the phone.


9. You get the job, with your desired pay. 










Your new boss offers you the job and more money than your internship adviser in college said you’d ever make in life.


10. You made it. 








Everything finally paid off. Now make sure to pack your briefcase, you start work Monday.


About the Contributor
Nick Knott
Nick Knott, Entertainment Editor
Nick is a journalism senior and in his second year at the Daily Aztec.  After starting as a staff writer in the features section, Nick switched to entertainment as the section editor.  Nick will be graduating this upcoming May with a B.A. in journalism.  He ultimately wants to work in the magazine industry covering music, sneakers or streetwear fashion.
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San Diego State University’s Independent Student Newspaper Since 1913
Started from the bottom now we employed