First week at State: Advice from Aztecs

by Annalise Dewhurst, Digital Content Editor

As the 2015-16 school year begins, The Daily Aztec took to social media to ask current and former Aztecs what advice they have for the incoming freshmen. Navigating college may seem difficult, but don’t worry, your fellow Aztecs have got your back. With a few years of experience under their belts, students shared their best advice to help the freshman class get acquainted with SDSU. Responses covered everything from effective study habits to finding your own sense of self.

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The majority of tweets and posts focused on the importance of taking chances and getting on campus during your first year of college. Advice included joining campus clubs and attending free events hosted by the college to meet new people.

Aztecs were also quick to recommend their favorite eateries at SDSU. The top three were Olive Oil Cafe, Oggi’s Pizza and vendors at the weekly on-campus farmers’ market. Both Olive Oil Cafe and Oggi’s Pizza accept SDSU meal plans.

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The general consensus was for freshmen to be open to new experiences and meeting new people. And, equally important, look both ways when crossing the bike path on campus.

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While enjoying all that college has to offer, your fellow Aztecs remind you to be comfortable with your decisions and budget your time wisely.

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Students had great advice to help freshmen succeed in the classroom. They suggest choosing a minor to further your knowledge, picking classes that interest you when you have the choice and, most importantly, attending office hours. Not only will you get to know your professors, but you will get clarification that is sometimes difficult to receive in larger lectures.

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Most importantly, “work hard, but have fun too.” Good luck, Aztecs!