5 thoughts every transfer student has

5 thoughts every transfer student has

by Amanda Kay Rhoades, Opinion Editor

There’s a reason transfer students become immediate friends at any party ever in existence. They share a unique experience as 20-something-year-old newbies on a college campus.

That experience has its ups and downs, for sure, but here are five thoughts that have popped in every transfer student’s head at some point.

1. When logging into the student account services site for the first time and seeing how much tuition costs:

2. When your friends go out after work and you have to study:

3. When an upper-division course repeats material you learned in community college:

4. When an upper-division course is based on material you DIDN’T learn in community college:

5. When you try to explain to your peers that you also have a full-time job:

But mostly, you’re just excited to have transferred already.