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Underbelly satisfies every belly

Courtesy of SD Eatery

San Diego State students can never go wrong with one of the multiple burrito and taco shops on College Avenue, but Japanese restaurant Underbelly in North Park has a quaint and charming atmosphere that makes it the perfect place for any student who wants to experience an ethnic meal in an “indie” scene.

Underbelly serves its ramen interpretation with an array of filling and unique bowls.

A selection of ramen from the tonkotsu ramen with standard toppings and soft-boiled eggs to its signature Underbelly ramen with soft-boiled egg, char siu belly, applewood-smoked bacon and kurobuta sausage.

The restaurant also has vegetarian and vegan options such as the charred kimchi ramen with napa cabbage, rainbow carrots and shishito peppers.

Underbelly serves a range of appetizers from shrimp gyoza to crispy chicken wings as well.

The most expensive item on the menu is the Belly of the Beast ramen and costs $12. Underbelly’s generous servings make it worth it.

The authenticity of the restaurant is highlighted through the lack of spoons and the multiple Japanese sauces and seasonings offered at the table, such as ghost-pepper seasoning and soy sauce.

The atmosphere and vibe of Underbelly fit perfectly with North Park’s scene.

It attracts every type of person from a hipster with pink hair to an old married couple.

The water served in glass jars and the fireplace in the middle of every table, which stretches from one end to the other, complement its urban scene.

The restaurant’s long stone tables and open outdoor seating allow for multiple parties to sit together, creating a sense of community even with strangers.

The place is great for lunch or dinner with a large group of friends.

Since Underbelly’s large stone tables are mostly made for large groups.

In the middle of the restaurant sits a chic bar, which serves a variety of local beers, ales and wines.

Seating at the bar is perfect for catching up with a friend over a bowl of ramen and maybe a drink.

Its late closing hour at 11:30 p.m. makes this place perfect for late dinners.

Underbelly revolutionizes the ramen every student knows and has come to love.

While it’s always convenient and inexpensive, authentic ramen is a great alternative to generic store-brand noodles warmed up in a pot that hasn’t been properly cleaned in much too long.

“I think college kids always joke about not having anything to eat but Top Ramen, so eating this really changes your perspective on the food,” international security and conflict resolution junior Monica Davick said.

The intricate bowls filled with foreign meats and vegetables combined with the restaurant’s adorable layout is the perfect set up for a night for the books.

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Underbelly satisfies every belly