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San Diego winter is a joke

There has been a heat wave in San Diego, and it seems like just yesterday San Diego residents were sporting their favorite winter beanies, boots and sweaters.

Oh wait, that was yesterday.

That’s right, it’s time to put away the barely used sweater, and it’s time to shove those rarely worn leg warmers to the back of the drawer: “Winter” is over.

However, there’s one thing I have always noticed when the winter season comes around in San Diego. Even though people bust out their winter wardrobe, it seems like everyone complains about being cold. How can this be?

For the winter season, many residents of Southern Californian cities will gladly switch their flip-flops for boots, their shorts for pants and their tank tops for sleeves. However, there’s something about Southern Californian winter style that is unlike anywhere else. If you are sporting your chic winter wardrobe and continue to feel chilly, follow these words:

If your long-sleeve shirt is also a crop top, expect to feel cold.

If you bought a sweater with holes in it on purpose, expect to feel cold.

If you wear a beanie while also wearing shorts, expect to feel cold.

If you wear ripped pants to make a fashion statement, expect to feel cold.

We have all heard a million times about the amazing condition of San Diego weather. It spite of that, San Diegans want a taste of winter too. That is why when the weather drops below 70 degrees, it’s time to bust out those beanies, Ugg boots and wooly jackets.

At San Diego State, scarves are a fashion accessory. When was the last time your neck was actually cold while attending this university? That’s right — never.

There is no need for scarves, there is no need for gloves and there is certainly no need for fuzzy Ugg boots in San Diego.

Yes, it does get chilly here. And yes, once in a while it is necessary to bundle up. However, when the east coast was getting pummeled with more than 2 feet of snow while facing power outages, impassable roadways and major city shut downs, odds are you were wearing flip-flops at the beach.

To put it simply, we are not built for blizzards here.

Instead of owning one large coat for warmth, we have to layer three separate jackets to even feel remotely cozy.

But it’s OK. Go ahead and keep snapping Snapchats of rain drops on car windows when there’s a light drizzle outside, and keep on complaining about the heat when it is barely 80 degrees.

When you live in San Diego, it’s normal to feel cold when it’s 65 degrees outside, and it’s normal to not own anything meant for snow.

People want what they can’t have. Just like east coasters want a taste of San Diego weather this time of the year, the people of San Diego want a taste of any season change.

So go ahead and bust out that knitted beanie. Wear that crop top sweater with sass. Work your Ugg boots and jean shorts like your about to walk the runway because one thing is for certain: San Diego weather is pretty great.

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Cami Buckman
Cami Buckman, Arts and Culture Editor
Cami Buckman is the editor of Arts and Culture and has been a writer for the section since Fall 2014. She is currently a senior majoring in journalism and double minoring in film and international studies. Follow her on all social media at @camibuckman
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San Diego winter is a joke