University Dance Company showcases evening full of messages

by Lainie Fraser, Staff Writer

The University Dance Company at San Diego State strives to combine art, distinguished choreography and technical training. These efforts are put on display to honor the program and open the minds of all lovers of dance at the University Dance Company performance.

This year, the faculty-choreographed performance can be seen on three separate days at the Dance Studio Theater on campus. Starting on April 29 at 7:30 p.m., the UDC will put on a show of physical, personal and political transcendence.

“This concert is really a way for us to present the work that is happening in the program in the School of Music and Dance,” dance professor Leslie Seiters said. “It highlights the work that the students are doing as dance makers and performers and they are really proud of this performance.”

The UDC is part of the dance curriculum at SDSU and auditions are held for the concert. The company then rehearses for the entire year to bring the performance together. The professors, as well as the students, choreograph and perform the piece. This has allowed for a collaboration of minds, a professional experience and collapse of hierarchical structures.

This year, the students and faculty have worked alongside one another in an attempt to create an evening full of messages and experiences.

“We are confronting the students with questions like ‘What is collaboration?’ and ‘Where are the dynamic shifts in role or identity?’” Dance assistant professor Jess Humphrey said. “The result is these students dancing in their humanness.”

According to the School of Music and Dance website, the audience should leave their preconceived notions about dance behind while watching the show: “Open your mind. Behold a group of fully present human beings dancing their hearts out. Leave the performance inspired to do the same.”

Established in 1989, the company is one of four bachelor of fine arts dance degree programs in the California State University system. The University Dance Company is a pre-professional group that has launched many students into professional careers, both locally and around the country.

Tickets can be purchased online at the School of Music and Dance website and all Aztecs and community members are welcome.

Watch a trailer of the event here.