Tony Gwynn Commemorative Issue: Michael Cage


by Michael Cage, Former SDSU Forward

When baseball season came along Tony said very humbly, “Hey come check me out.”

He said it in a very friendly manner.

He told me, “You know what man, you got a chance to be real special here.”

When baseball season came around I read about him in The Daily Aztec, so that’s when I learned he had some talent in baseball as well.

When a freshman starts, usually seniors don’t like it. Tony kept others off of my back long enough so that I could prove to the other seniors that I was worthy.

Tony was an excellent ball-handler, low and compact.

We had it set up to where he would get the ball and give me a nice alley-oop.

Either he is laughing or he is making you laugh.

Our relationship on the court was like a pitcher’s and a catcher’s relationship in baseball.

We were on the same page on the court. A quarterback and wide receiver relationship.

He was like a walking scouting report.

He amazed me with his knowledge retention, how he analyzed film and knew the opponents tendencies. He had a great feel for the game.

He was an Aztec for life just like me. He was proud of SDSU.