Senior farewell: Sarah Smith


by Sarah Smith, Assistant Photo Editor

I put in my application to be a volunteer photographer with The Daily Aztec over winter break of my sophomore year and originally, I wasn’t sure if I would be chosen.

I never expected that The Daily Aztec would become such a large part of my college experience.

Once I was chosen to be a staff photographer, my journey started. I received my first photo assignment to photograph the Calpulli Center on campus and from there my assignments ranged from Calpulli to baseball games, soccer games, and more.  I even got a pass to stand on the sidelines and photograph football.

My first semester as a staff photographer I was honored by my photo editor at the time, Monica Linzmeier, who gave me the Most Dedicated Photographer award at the end-of-semester banquet.

After winning this award I was filled with happiness and eager to prove that I would continue my dedication with this paper.

Even though I was thrilled with the recognition, I never thought that I could hold the position of photo editor that Monica held, because I never thought that I could follow in her footsteps and do as amazing a job as she did. 

Fast-forward two years, and I was chosen as the Assistant Photo Editor and now I share in all of the responsibilities of the Photo Editor.

Even though I am not the “head honcho” of the photo section, I never thought that I would come this far within this organization.

Since having my position with The Daily Aztec, I have enjoyed the time that I have gotten to spend in the office with all of my new friends.

I am sad that my time at The Daily Aztec is coming to an end, but I am truly grateful for all of the experiences that this paper has given me.

Upon my departure, I look forward to following all of the successes of the new photo editor, Kelly Smiley, and of The Daily Aztec as a whole.