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August claims title for greatest month

The last day of the past spring semester was May 12. The first day of fall semester is Aug. 29.

It should be obvious from the career path I chose that math is not my strong suit.

But if my calculations are correct, that’s 109 days of summer vacation. 

That’s broken down into 77 weekdays and 32 weekend days.

Which sadly means, there are only 12 more days left of our summer vacation.

But let’s be honest, there could be another 100 days left of summer break and we would still not be ready for the upcoming fall semester, and I know why.

It’s because August is the greatest month of summer by far.

I know what you’re thinking, “You’re only saying that because your birthday is in August.”

Wrong. To my dismay, the entire month does not revolve around me. But until I get that changed, let me explain.

When you finish your spring finals, you’re obviously relieved that the semester is over.

You’re also ecstatic about the fact that summer is here, but more than anything you’re exhausted.         

Most students need at least a week to recuperate from the caffeine-induced, sleepless nights produced from the stress of taking multiple finals in a one-week period.

Once that recovery period ends, students who chose not to stay in San Diego for the summer have to move out of their retrospective college homes, which is arguably more stressful than taking finals two weeks prior.

But let’s not forget, if you chose to (or were forced to) enroll in the first summer session, you only receive a one-week break. Then it’s back to those sleepless nights for six weeks, and you better say goodbye to those 50 days of summer.

After those two weeks of May, it’s suddenly June and you can’t believe that you’ve done absolutely nothing memorable.

You’re in denial.

You say you’ll start having memorable adventures now that it’s the beginning of June.

But sadly, you’re wrong.

That’s because the start of June means the start of your summer job or your summer internship.

You don’t mean for it to take up all of your time, even though it ultimately blindsides you in the end.

Plus, if you’re one of those poor souls enrolled in the first summer session (which for reference was also me) you don’t have any free time during the summer because you’re either at school or at work.

In the blink of an eye, it’s July and you only have 59 days left of summer.

You look around and you’re still working at that once new and exciting summer job, your summer session has ended and you still have not had one memorable summer experience.

You can’t believe this is your summer vacation. You say you’ll start going out with friends now that it’s the beginning of July, but you don’t.

Similar to the beginning of June, the beginning of July only means the beginning of the second summer session.

Better say goodbye to yet another 41 days of your summer.

You start to wonder if all is lost. You wonder if this summer will yield another awkward conversation where someone asks you what you did and you can’t help but stare blankly as your soul internally wallows in a dark pit of despair.

But finally August arrives and you’re determined, almost desperate, to make up for all of the memorable experiences you missed over the past 81 days.

Your summer job ends. Your second summer session comes to an end and finally, you’re free.

For once you call, or more likely text, your friends and they’re actually free. That’s when the fun finally begins.

You’re suddenly traveling to other states or maybe even countries, taking road trips along the coast of California, spending weekends in Vegas, barhopping on a Wednesday night and dancing til the sun comes up.

For one month, you’re finally having the summer you always wanted. Somehow you managed to compact all of your memorable experiences into the greatest, most productive month: August.

But since it’s only been one month, you crave more and that is why we wish that August would never end.

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Christine Whitman
Christine Whitman, Arts and Culture Editor
Christine Whitman is the arts and culture editor for The Daily Aztec for the 2016-17 academic year. She is a senior studying public relations and communications here at San Diego State. Christine started writing for The Daily Aztec in 2013 and has never looked back. For questions of comments, contact Christine at
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August claims title for greatest month