Planned Parenthood Generation Action prepares for upcoming election


Planned Parenthood Generation Action

Photo courtesy of Planned Parenthood Generation Action

by Tashfina Rahman , Contributor

Planned Parenthood Generation Action is a network of young leaders who are fighting for reproductive rights and hoping to spread awareness regarding reproductive health. 

The organization came to San Diego State in the fall of 2014.

One of its main focuses this semester will be to encourage students to register to vote.

“At the end of the month, we will be having a huge registration event and we will be partnering up with The National Young Democrats, as well as SDSU Democrats,” senior president of Planned Parenthood Generation Action, Amanda Pham said. Pham also said the club will be phone banking at the Planned Parenthood headquarters every Tuesday and Thursday from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m.

Planned Parenthood Generation Action also hosts a variety of events during the year to promote reproductive health and awareness within the SDSU community.

Last year the club had Pink Out Day to show support for Planned Parenthood. Director of External Affairs for the club Kerri Rudolph said hosting events like this is important because people are always trying to defund the organization.

“There are only about 700 locations throughout the nation and we need more of those clinics so we can help with STI’s and unwanted pregnancies, as well as spreading awareness and providing people with information,” Rudolph said.

On Sept. 24, Planned Parenthood Generation Action will be volunteering at an AIDS walk.

October, members of the club will be attending the Youth Power Summit.

Planned Parenthood Generation Action encourages everyone to join regardless of their views or beliefs.

Vice President of Finance Shannon Martensen said she wants people to see they are more than just a pro-abortion organization.

“There are groups on campus with different views than us,” Martensen said. “We want them to know that despite what we think or what they think, we are all student organizations that should benefit SDSU in a positive way.” 

This year, Planned Parenthood Generation Action aims to focus on issues that affect college campuses, including sexually transmitted infections and the promotion of safe and protected sex.

Planned Parenthood Generation Action meets every other Wednesday at 11 a.m. in the Tehuanco room in the Conrad Prebys Student Union.