Tasty Tuesday: Grinds and Vines serves coffee by day and wine by night

by Sarah Anderson, Staff Writer

Any San Diego native knows that North Park is the central hub of coffee shops. The area is filled with Instagram-ready hangouts that served hyped-up drinks with ingredients such as lavender or orange extract.

Located on the intersect of El Cajon and Texas St., Grinds and Vines transforms from a local coffee shop by day to a winery at dusk.

This atmosphere is so family-friendly it even comes with its own personal greeter, a dog, named Athena. Inside music harmonizes with the ever-present laughter.

On the other hand, the coffee is insanely delicious. Grinds and Vines specialize in cold brew, offering several different roasts and flavorful combinations. In case you’re counting, there are 30.

From the Shake – a – Nuttini to the iced Mexican Mocha, the flavor never overpowers what everyone comes for, the coffee.

“My favorite drink is the Caramelo,” accounting sophomore Rachel Hauprich said. “It tastes like caramel but with underlying chocolate notes. The caramel doesn’t overpower the drink.”

After entering Grinds and Vines, patrons will see wooden wine barrels stacked upon cement walls. In the center of the winery section of the establishment lays a bar made of multi-toned panels and teal velvet armchairs.

After walking through the winery section, patrons enter the coffee shop area. The vibe is transformed with steel tables and white marble counter tops.

The location also features a pet-friendly outside eating area made with exposed two-by-fours and a trellis complete with hanging vines.

The food menu includes pastries, such as the chocolate vanilla swirl bread, hot breakfasts, and lunches. The menu serves mainly classic American sandwiches, with a few Mexican inspired dishes. There are numerous vegetarian options and the staff is happy to make adjustments to suit personal preferences.

Grinds and Vines has been open for a little over one year. Although all ages are welcome, it commonly attracts college students and young families.

“I love the ambiance and the unique selection of drinks,” speech language and hearing sciences sophomore Emily Bautista said. “All the workers are really friendly and (Grinds and Vines) has a quality rewards system.”

At Grinds and Vines gives their customers a rewards card, making your 10th drink free. The establishment also offers a pre-order system either online, or by phone.

The exact location of Grinds and Vines is 2419 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego. Grinds and Vines is on Facebook and Instagram.