SDSU students throw it back


Courtesy of Associated Students

by Maya Carter, Contributor

San Diego State threw it back on Tuesday, Oct. 18 with music, games, snacks and a roller rink.

 From 7 p.m. to 10 p.m., Montezuma Hall was filled with students ready to bring back the glory of their favorite decade and test out their roller skating skills to the beat of several classic ’90s hits.

When not roller skating, students challenged one another to games of air hockey and skee ball, while enjoying snacks they remember eating as kids like Go-Gurt and Capri Sun.

“It was a very different and unique event,” said English sophomore Lane Yazzie. “It was super nice with the live band and the lights. I had a blast!”

Adele Vaughan, chair of the union nights committee on the Aztec Student Union Board, attributes the inspiration for the event to her interest in vintage themed events and “throwback stuff”.

When planning events, Vaughan said she often starts with a small idea and then builds off of that to create a theme and fulfill all other aspects that go into planning the event.

“I found a company that specialized in roller rinks,” Vaughan said. “Once I brought that aspect in, I based the theme, food and decorations around it.

Vaughan said she started planning this event in June.

Vaughan said an important part of planning events is not only getting students to come, but also getting them to want to stay.

 “It’s tough to make sure students want to come to events and to make the events pique students’ interests,” Vaughan said.

 Vaughan dates her love of event planning back to high school, when she said she was a member of her student government and was in charge of planning her school’s homecoming.

 Vaughan said she loves being a part of Associated Students because it has enhanced her college experience. Though it can be stressful, she said that it is rewarding when she is able to see the event unfold and watch everyone have a good time.

 “It’s how we give back to the students,” Vaughan said.

The next Aztec Nights event is called “Nightmare on Montezuma.” The event will be held at the Conrad Presbys Aztec Student Union on Saturday, Oct. 29.