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Students rock Battle of the Bands

Christian Hicks

Last Thursday, Dec. 1, one of GreenFest’s largest and most entertaining events, Aztec Rock: Battle of the Bands was held at Montezuma Hall. San Diego State students and spectators all gathered to catch remarkable performances from SDSU student artists.

The winner of the Battle of the Bands gains the opportunity to open for a big name in the music industry at the GreenFest concert in the spring.

The event kicked off at 6 p.m. with the audience gathering around one of the two stages to listen to rap group OWL shake the stage.

Spectators ditched the free food and drink line in order to watch the first group liven up the atmosphere and perform multiple original songs.

The mood soon switched as the second artist, solo guitarist from Germany, Chis Schummert, dazzled the audience.

He performed an original song and two covers. Among his other covers, he put his own twist on the crowd favorite “Fast Car” by Tracy Chapman.

Audience members not only started to grow after the second performance, but they also started to get more and more eager to see what the next groups had to offer.

Alternative rock and grunge band, Paper, soon took the stage with their new and distinct sound.

The loud and vibrant SDSU 2016 Open Mic Night champs performed many original songs and caused spectators to flock to the stage.

Next on the lineup, original rap artist D.Sel got audience members on their feet with three of his songs and back-up dancers. Complete with his stage presence, D.Sel left the crowd wanting more.

Immediately afterwards, psychedelic rock band, Wet Lettuce shocked the audience with astonishing lead guitar solos.

Audience members were hypnotized by the bright stage background, while Wet Lettuce’s noise could be heard from miles away as it shook Montezuma Hall.

The last performer, headliner and alternative rock group Stray Monroe featured multiple original and covered songs.

The group premiered “Broken Records,” original song complete with the new music video that left the audience surprised by the cool vibe of the group.

After all of the amazing and truly unique performances, the crowd was left wondering who the next champion would be.

Wet Lettuce was crowned the winner, while Paper followed up with a close second and Chis Schummert a close third.

“The event exceeded my expectations … all of the bands were amazing and I love that most of them performed original songs,” business administration sophomore Meriah Perez said.

The Battle of the Bands has allowed groups of different genres to come together and showcase all of the unique and undiscovered talent that exists at SDSU.

Performers at the Battle of the Bands took this opportunity to share their passionate and unmistakable music taste.

“We feel like there are not a lot of people standing for that rock genre … we want to be a voice for that type of music and bring energy to live performance,” Paper drummer Jeff Demorest said.

SDSU freshman and lead singer and guitarist Hoyt Yeatman of Paper also described the opportunity as a “great way to get in the music scene in San Diego.”

The Battle of the Bands has brought many opportunities for music groups and artists to get discovered and known across campus.

Wet Lettuce will open for GreenFest at the Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theater on March 3, 2017.

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Students rock Battle of the Bands