The psychedelic era goes modern

by Thalia Bernal , Staff Writer

What a better way to end the semester than remembering the psychedelic era and participating in an “acid test.“

Acid tests in the 1960s were common. Such images paired with live music really allowed the audience to get the feel for such an era.

There is only so much a piece of text can tell you in comparison to actually being present during what used to be an everyday experience.

In addition to the vivid images and videos playing during the event, there was also a live band performing among several booths.

This event held on Dec. 8 at Montezuma Hall, emphasized the recreation of the acid tests in the 1960s with a focus on the music created during the rock n’ roll era.

School of Music and Dance professor Eric Smigel and department of English and comparative literature professor William Nericcio, collaborated to make such an event possible.

This was the first year in which they put on an event of this caliber and they said they were beyond content with the outcome.

Although both classes may be distinct when compared by department, they involve studies that help students have a better understanding of the psychedelic era.

Students said they really enjoyed the face-painting booth.

The atmosphere was vibrant, especially once the band went on stage to play.

“There are 500 students here who each brought one guest, so we are expecting an attendance of about 1000 students.” Nericcio said.

There were also several San Diego State staff members roaming around in curiosity.

“This event is meant to ring upon personal transformation,” Nericcio said. “We really want students to apply the psychedelic approaches to both literature and film.”

Attendance at this event really helped with understanding of the era and the music together as one.

“This is actually the first time such an event has been put on and I am really excited about it,” said Makaya Giffens, Graduate Assistant of Arts Alive.

The professors of different departments put on the event, but the students also play a huge role in this events success.

Students made all of the projections that were displayed during the event.

Arts Alive also helped with the event. They had several students working and assisting those who needed help.

The event followed the format of a show, which really helped in creating somewhat of a memorabilia for students.

After one semester of learning about the 1960s and acid tests, the students finally got to experience a semblence of the era firsthand within a mass group of their peers.

The professors not only incorporated different topics and subject matters, but also visually display what the students have learned about all semester.

Although this was the professors first time putting on such an event, they said they definitely know that they will strive to provide students with this unique experience every semester.