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A.S. encourages students to apply for office

Petey Dyer, Photo Editor

The annual election for Associated Students positions opened its applications for the upcoming school year on Jan. 20.

Current A.S. President Jamie Miller explained the impact of being engaged in campus activities.

“One of the reasons why I love Associated Students so much is that you get to really be connected to what’s happening in this campus,” she said.

Miller said being a part of A.S. meant learning things not all college students are aware of, such as campus events and scholarship opportunities.

“(It’s) something we’re working on–the communications process.” she said.

Miller also said being involved in A.S. can help students gain leadership skills and become more prepared to face real world situations.

A.S. Government Affairs Manager Jennifer Esquivel-Parker said SDSU’s campus can at first feel very large.

“Once (you’re in) A.S. and meeting all the different constituencies and all the students that you represent, it becomes very small,” she said.

She said everyone is encouraged to apply no matter how long a student has been at SDSU.

“We just want to make sure that students are not putting up barriers to run or apply for office,” Esquivel-Parker said.

Journalism junior Cheryl Wang said as a member of the student body A.S. represents, she wants to know what the candidates look like and be able to see their photos and elections speeches.

“I think this kind of activity can give the students more extra fun in their spare time,” Wang said. “It can enable you to make some new friends or deepen your relationships with your friends.”

A prospective students session will be held Jan. 31.

The A.S. office is also open for any questions students may have if they were unable to attend the sessions.

Esquivel-Parker said there were two different ways for students to gain a position within A.S.

“If you were applying for a position within our board of directors or to be in our judicial affairs council you would be interviewed by our appointments and review committee,” she said.

Commissioners positions are voted on by members of the commission to which a student is applying for.

The elected positions are for A.S. Executive Officers, University Council and Campus Life Council.

The appointed positions are for A.S Board of Directors, A.S Campus Life Council, A.S Judicial Affairs Council and Marketing and Communications Commissioner.

To apply, students are required to have a minimum GPA of 2.5, have completed six units last fall semester and are currently enrolled in a minimum of six units and not be on academic or judicial probation.

University Council representative students must be enrolled in the college for which he or she applies to.

Applications for elected positions must be turned in at the A.S. office by Feb. 9. Applications for appointed positions are due April. 9.

Elections will be held from March 13-16.

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A.S. encourages students to apply for office