OPINION: Halting refugee resettlement on Holocaust Remembrance Day tone deaf, insensitive and abhorent

by Dana Tsuri-Etzioni, Staff Columnist

Trump has been causing a stir since he entered office a little more than a week ago by signing executive orders regarding a border wall, a halt to the acceptance of refugees and a roll back of Obamacare. It is difficult not to be concerned about the speed and intensity in which Trump is signing critical executive orders. The most insensitive and unethical, however, was the decision to ban refugees from the United States.

On National Holocaust Remembrance Day, Trump signed an executive order temporarily halting the resettlement of refugees in the U.S. This decision is unethical, not only because of the situation of countries in need, but also because of the timing. I am Jewish and lost many relatives to the Holocaust — relatives who could have used the haven of other countries. For Trump to make the decision to ban refugees on the day in which those who died during the Holocaust are remembered is abhorrent.

The president of the United States is supposed to stand for all members of the country, no matter what religion, race or ethnicity. By putting forth this order on Holocaust Remembrance Day, Trump is proving he is insensitive to this day and the history behind it. The U.S. is a diverse nation, and among it population are people whose families who have been affected by a previous generations’ refusal to admit refugees.

Millenials might be notorious for being overly sensitive and politically correct, but Trump’s actions are way over the top.