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Transform SDSU sweeps Associated Students election

Joe Kendall

The Transform SDSU slate swept the Associated Students election on March 16, earning all five 2017 executive board positions.

The 2017-2018 A.S. executives include President-Elect business marketing junior Chimezie Ebiriekwe and Executive Vice President-Elect hospitality and tourism management junior Vanessa Girard.

International security and conflict resolution junior Carmel Alon is the vice president-elect of external relations, athletic training junior Chris Thomas is the vice president-elect of university affairs and finance junior Hayden Willis is the vice president-elect of financial affairs.

“This moment is even better than the first,” said Ebiriekwe, who is the current A.S. vice president of university affairs. “For me, to be on the forefront, and for all four of my counterparts to win by a large margin speaks volumes how true the student voice is, and how the students know who the true executives are.”

There was a 20 percent voter turnout this year with over 6,000 students who voted.

Ebriekwe received 3,454 votes while accounting junior Ben Delbick received 1,189, ISCOR junior Chloe Sension received 1,014 and ISCOR junior Kaitlyn Hart received 94.

“It’s surreal,” Ebiriekwe said. “There’s not a lot of people who do it two years in a row. It speaks volumes that the students really respect me and want me to be their representative.”

Girard received 3,998 votes and public relations junior Shannon Sneade received 1,402.

“My family got elected,” Girard said. “They’re my best friends. That was the most unreal experience I’ve ever had. I can’t wait to work with them.”

Girard said she wants to bring diversity speakers who are nationally recognized to SDSU as part of TED talks in order to diversify.

Willis received 3,277 votes and business finance junior Krystal Nzeadibe received 2,704.

“I think the university wasn’t ready for a more progressive agenda,” Nzeadibe said. “Things ended up the way they shouldn’t be.”

She said she thinks a lot of students are going to be silenced because her slate’s campaign centered on students for reform, inclusion, diversity and equity, and that was what set the STRIDE SDSU slate apart.

“Hopefully, these executive officers realize they need to uplift other communities,” she said.

Alon earned 3,574 votes and criminal justice junior Samantha Ledesma earned 1,764.

“This family we built is something I don’t think I’ve ever seen at my time at SDSU,” Alon said. “We pushed together, we cried together, we laughed together and we made sure we knew what this team was about.”

Alon said they are going to represent every student on campus and are ready to get started on their plans.

“I know so many students are politically engaged, but they just don’t know where to go or what board is right for them,” she said. “I’m ready to bring them in. Right here, right now. We are so ready to transform SDSU.”

Thomas earned 2,940 votes, business administration junior Michael Kumura earned 906 and sustainability junior Brie Hornig received 1,444.

Thomas was speechless after the results were in.

“I don’t know how to describe it,” Thomas said.

Hornig said she was sad with the results.

“But, overall, I’m glad with the campaign we ran and proud of everyone who did run,” she said.

A.S. Election Committee Chair Jenna Beuck said she was pleased with the elections as a whole.

“It’s a very exciting time for our student body,” Beuck said. “Everyone who ran put a lot of passion into their campaigns. I applaud them all for their effort.”

Ebiriekwe said he’s ready to finish his position as A.S. vice president of university affairs and enter his role as president.

“It’s not about the sweeping,” Ebiriekwe said “It’s about being able to see your four friends from freshman year experience this with you and besides you.”


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Transform SDSU sweeps Associated Students election