Nomad Donuts grand opening frosts new flavors in North Park


Sydney Faulkner

Along with their signature donuts, Nomad Donuts in North Park also serves a variety of macarons.

by Sydney Faulkner, Contributor

North Park’s Nomad Donuts hosted a grand opening event for its second shop of gourmet donuts on Friday, Oct.13. The event offered complimentary donuts and bagels to all those who visited between 5 and 8 p.m.

Nomad Donuts is co-owned by Brad Keiller and Kristianna Zabala.

Zabala is the executive chef who handcrafts each donut using small batch ingredients from local farmers markets.

Keiller is a Canada native who brings specific flavors and recipes to the shops in San Diego, specifically the Montreal inspired bagels.

The shop’s official website states that Nomad Donuts was born from a love of coffee and donuts paired with travel and good times.

Both Keiller and Zabala set out on a mission to create a donut that was different.

“Donuts don’t always have to be super sweet treats, and we wanted to bring the alternative to life,” Keiller said.

They wanted to bring a sample of international flavors all to one spot for people to experience and enjoy.

“We chose North Park for our shops because we love this place. It is home to me,” Keiller said.

The two North Park locations are about a mile a part from each other, but they have completely different vibes.

Keiller said that in the future, they plan to add a sidewalk cafe. He also mentioned Nomad Donuts may eventually serve beer and wine, but that is still a work in progress.

“We want Nomad Donuts to be a place for people to come hangout. We like loud music and are always looking to have a good time,” Keiller said.

Keiller and Zabala said they love and value their employees, so it is always given that the music playlist in the shop is created by them, which makes for a genuine experience.

However Nomad Donuts is more than just a donut shop. They serve coffee, juices, bagels, macaroons and merchandise.

Keiller said the Scotch Egg is a to-die-for breakfast option and everyone needs to try it.

“It is sweet and savory, how could it be more perfect?” Keiller said.

San Diego State alumnus Nathanael Hueso visited Nomad Donuts during their grand opening event.

“The spice donut was like mouth euphoria,” Hueso said. “I need to go back and experience that again sometime soon.”

Hueso said the coffee at Nomad Donuts was some of the best coffee he has ever had. And although they offer many flavors, the pumpkin spice was very popular.

Aside from the food being fantastic in the taste, the shop itself is attractively designed.

Each donut and macaron is intricately decorated—the effort and detail put into each treat is evident. They strive to create treats accessible for everyone, that includes many different vegan options.

This eclectic and artisanal establishment is open daily from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.