Nordstrom transformation made me realize my own growth

by Talia Raoufpur, Senior Staff Writer

It was like the women’s march — only less political, less pink and quite bougie. Consumerism at its finest. Where gourmet yogurt parfaits and mini donuts topped with edible gold beads are served. The Nordstrom grand reopening sale — following its relocation and remodel — was a feminine festival.

Hundreds of women and some children waited for the doors to open.

As the doors opened, women were cheering and marching to the beat of their designer footwear. Imagine Aztec football fans emerging into the SDCCU Stadium, only this time, the attendees were clutching Louis Vuitton purses with glowing skin from complimentary facials.

I attended the event with my mom. She and I, along with the rest of our family, have lived in the La Jolla/UTC area since my birth. We would walk to the mall even if we didn’t have the urge to purchase anything. The mall was our backyard  — literally. Nordstrom’s renovation marks its progress. The store has made a lot of progress and so have I.

I, along with the UTC mall have transformed. Naturally, this event was sentimental to me.

Nordstrom is more than a department store. It was where I purchased my fifth grade graduation shoes, the first place I took my brother shopping, and the place that offered me my first internship via the BP. Fashion Board.

What was once a department store located near my home became a place for memories and a place to connect with my mom.

Both retail patients — shopping serves as a shared therapy — my mom and I find pleasure in scanning the shelves of shoes, selecting outfits for various Jewish functions and my mother trying on MAC lipsticks while turning to me to judge the shade.

The event demonstrated a cultural doctrine I have known since childhood — it is impossible to stand in the way of an Iranian woman who wants to shop. It seemed as if all of the female members of Los Angeles’ Iranian-American community showed up to celebrate the opening.

Nordstrom has established itself as a loyal and lush brand that successfully promotes its goal of providing a luxurious experience. There is no force more powerful than a crowd of women at a Nordstrom grand opening. The transformation allowed me to recognize that consumerism can bring people together — even at 8 a.m. on a Wednesday.