University police promote use of red and black shuttle


University police are promoting the red and black shuttle service after previous problems with usage levels.

by Camille Dejoras, Staff Writer

Over the past year, the San Diego State Police Department has worked to bring awareness to the red and black shuttle transportation service.

SDSUPD’s parking operations manager Shawn Brown said the department has made some changes since the end of last year to increase the shuttles’ presence.

Brown said a community service officer spoke with students who ride the shuttle and asked for their concerns about the buses.

“The biggest complaint was our vehicles were not identified as a red and black shuttle,” Brown said. “After they brought this information to me, we put emblems on them.”

He said this would help students clearly recognize the shuttles so that there was no confusion.

Brown also said his department has been working closely with SDSU housing, and housing officials have been helpful in recruiting more community service officers. He said there will be more CSOs available to operate the shuttles and escort students now that their staff is growing.

“We’re really trying to get the word out to incoming freshmen and people living in the residence halls that we provide these great services for them,” Brown said.

He also said the shuttles have been more visible to students on campus, and the more people know about it the more likely they’ll want to use it.

Communications junior Erica Ortiz said the shuttles are a great resource, and she has noticed them around campus more this semester.

“I think police could try promoting the buses by handing out flyers or posting on social media,” Ortiz said. “The more they put themselves out there, the better.”

Brown said the police department has also been using social media more to communicate with students and inform them about the different transportation and safety services they offer.

“I think we could get 300-500 more people using it from last year now that we’ve increased our social media presence,” Brown said.

With regard to the number of students who use the shuttle to get around campus, Brown said the number of passengers has remained consistent since last year.

History junior Clémence Lucile said she rides the red and black shuttle about once every two weeks when she doesn’t want to walk back to her Villa Alvarado apartment alone.

She also said although the shuttle doesn’t always pick her up right on time, she never has to wait more than 20 minutes for it to come.

“Maybe (SDSUPD) can create an app so we could know when the shuttle is coming,” Lucile said.

Brown said while his team has discussed ideas for new shuttle routes, the current route will not change any time soon.

According to the university police website, the shuttle operates from 5-10 p.m. Monday through Thursday.

Students can find more information about the shuttle route and stops on the SDSUPD website or by visiting SDSU’s interactive transit map online.