ALBUM REVIEW: Alt-rock Spanish band brings energy and heart in its newest album


Courtesy of Jeanette Hernandez

Members of Vetusta Morla pose in a group photo.

by Stacy Marquez, Staff Writer

Composed with a melody of percussion, strings and vocals, Vetusta Morla’s fourth studio album, “Mismo Sitio, Distinto Lugar,” evokes unique Spanish indie rock vibes.

Álvaro B. Baglietto, the bass guitarist for Vetusta Morla, said the album is a reflection of their journey as a band.

“The album is talking about how we changed and feel different in the world, how we have grown up and all these changes that we have experienced,” he said.

The six person band includes Juan “Pucho” Martín on vocals, guitarist Juan Manuel Latorre , guitarist Guillermo Galván, bass guitarist Álvaro B. Baglietto, drummer David “el Indio” García and Jorge González on percussion. They have been playing together since their days at school in the late ’90s in the Spanish Madrid town Tres Cantos.

Since then, Vetusta Morla has released seven albums—including four in studio—and performed in various countries like Spain, the United States and in Latin America.

The album takes the listener on a winding path, starting with the soft, electric sounds of “Deséame Suerte,” to upbeat drum tempos in “Palmeras en La Mancha.”

“Consejos de Sabios,” brings a sharp turn into heartfelt and heavy. Baglietto said this song resonated with him the most due to its message about creating change.

“If you want (change) to happen, or there is something you don’t like, it’s not just (the problem), it’s all around you, it’s all connected,” he said.

“23 de Junio” is chock full of emotion and dense lyrics while providing a folk break among the drums and loud vocals.

“Te lo Digo a Ti,” takes the cake as the most played track on Spotify, raking in over two million listens, giving off energy in a sound reminiscent of The Killers.

The heaviness of “Consejos de Sabios” leaks into “Punto Sin Retorno,”—something that would be the song child of Julieta Venegas and Vampire Weekend if they ever collaborated.

The final track, “Mismo Sitio, Distinto Lugar,” provides a joyful progression, ending the album off on a good note, similar to how a film with many twists and turns would resolve its story.

Computer engineering sophomore Alexis Mora enjoyed listening because it reminded her of music she was exposed to growing up.

“It reminded me of my childhood because I was raised with a lot of Cafe Tacuba and rock en español so (the album) was cool,” she said. “It was just a little different, so it was something I needed to get used to.”

Upon listening to the album, Mora felt she was being taken back to the days she used to listen to rock.

“It kind of reminded me of Enanitos Verdes, Café Tacuba and Caifanes. It was more of a flowy rock en espanol,” she said.

However, Mora expressed that when she finds music she genuinely enjoys, she has the songs on repeat. Perhaps she has not listened to them enough, but she has yet to find a song in the album that she keeps playing.

Starting in March, Vetusta Morla will be touring in Spain, Mexico and Latin America, where they will be stopping by in Mexico City to perform at Vive Latino on March 18 alongside artists like Kali Uchis, Gorillaz and Morrissey.

“Mismo Sitio, Distinto Lugar” is available for streaming online.