Letter: Skateboarders deserve worse than tickets


Doug Otto

A skateboarder rides on a footbridge where it is not allowed.

I don’t know why I waste my time reading this fish wrap you call The Daily Aztec. Thank God you are not wasting paper every day on it. It never fails one of its staff comes out with something incredibly stupid every issue. Ceighlee Fennel gets the award this week.

I hate skateboards and have a great disdain for the people at SDSU who ride them. They are rude, inconsiderate, lazy, immature and a danger to themselves and others.

The university spends thousands of dollars installing anti-grind guards all over because of the damage those morons do to curbs, walls, steps and benches. Skateboards have no business on campus. There are too many pedestrians and vehicles to be safe. The reason the cops are cracking down is because skateboarders ride too fast for conditions and endanger pedestrians, and because of the accidents and injuries they cause.

When I see one of them speed down a hill around a blind corner and eat it and crash, or run into someone, or hit a rock or crash into my state vehicle, it actually brings a smile to my face. I truly believe stupid should hurt. I have no compassion for them.

But they should keep riding where they’re not supposed and getting those $75 tickets. The university is making a lot of money due to their stupidity. I know they don’t give a damn because their mommies or daddies are paying the ticket when they call them up crying.

Fennel’s opinion that the cops are wasting their time with “little infractions” is incorrect. We, as the majority of people on the campus who walk or drive state vehicles as employees, have told the campus police we have had enough of skateboarders. It’s going to get worse for them. We do not feel safe.

Grow up and leave your toys at home. Go to school and shut up.

Charles Barranco

This letter has been edited for clarity and style.